Rocky Romero open to having CM Punk and Ronda Rousey in New Japan

Nov 10, 2023 - by staff

Rocky Romero is Open to Having CM Punk & Ronda Rousey In NJPW

On CM Punk working in NJPW WK show

“You never know. I think that, obviously, we didn’t really get to do many crossovers when Punk was with AEW. There was supposed to be that Tanahashi-Punk match that never happened. So, I think Punk coming and doing a Wrestle Kingdom or a big show like that could be great for our product. Obviously, getting fresh eyes and everything that he brings to it. Merchandise and everything else. So, I wouldn’t be opposed to it at all.”

Ronda Rousey being in NJPW/STARDOM

“I’m all for [Rousey in New Japan Strong/Stardom]. I’ve never met Ronda. I’m on [Wrestling REVOLVER Unreal]. I definitely look forward to connecting with her. If there is ever a possibility that Ronda could show up on a New Japan show and maybe it Stardom, it could be awesome. Really cool. I think she would fit perfectly, better than any other company in Japan. Working in Japan, her style fits that so perfectly. Her background, Japanese fans really understand that part. Imagining Ronda Rousey doing a New Japan show would be incredible. That would be super cool.”

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