Britt Baker is thankful she got to work with CM Punk, Cena has surgery

Nov 10, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Britt Baker when asked about CM Punk’s time in AEW (Maggie & Perloff):

“CM Punk coming back to wrestling was one of the most historical things in All Elite Wrestling history and always will be. You can’t take that out of the wrestling books. I’m really thankful we got to work with CM Punk. I learned some stuff from him, he was always really helpful and willing to work with younger talent. It didn’t work out, it wasn’t a fit, but it’s always going to be part of the AEW story. It’s just that chapter is closed now. Everyone wishes him well, we hope and think he wishes AEW well too. It just didn’t work out. At the end of the day, how cool was it that CM Punk was in wrestling again for AEW and got to wrestle in Chicago again?”

John Cena gets surgery done on his arm

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