Nov 9, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for results from the latest episode from TNA/Impact Wrestling.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are on the call.

Jonathan Gresham will challenge World Champion, Alex Shelley tonight!

The show starts with a highlight package from the UK tour.

Match 1.  Tasha Steelz VS Deonna Purrazzo

The two former partners and still friends start off trying to out wrestle each other scientifically.  Steelz gets frustrated by the submission specialist, but she doesn’t lose confidence.  She back elbows Purrazzo and rannas her to the mat  Purrazzo counters tying up Steelz and booting her in the chest.  The countering back and forth has the fans doing dueling chants.  They each exchange roll ups and punt kicks.  They struggle to get to their feet and slug it once standing.   Purrazzo leg sweeps Steelz into a Fujiwara.  Steelz reverses the hold into Venus D’Milo.  Purrazzo reverses that into another Fujiwara.  Steelz uses her other arm and elbows Deonna in the nose.  Steelz loses it and cutters Purrazzo after throwing Purrazzo, shoulder first into the buckle.  Steelz hits another cutter and it is over.

Winner.  Tasha Steelz

Impact World Champion, Alex Shelley cuts a backstage promo on Jonathan Gresham. 

We get a promo from the hungover, Impact World Tag Team Champions, The ABC, Chris Bey and Ace Austin.  Sheldon Jean and Kenny King enter with Santino Marella.  King wants a rematch with Tommy Dreamer.  The ABC want a challenger.  The 4 start arguing and Santino sets up a match down the road between the 4.

Match 2.  Crazzy Steve VS Digital Media Champion, Tommy Dreamer

Steve is cashing in his briefcase for this title match.  The two fight from the ring to the floor.  This match is just a back and forth brawl.  Steve bites the champion, and rakes his eyes and gouges his mouth, all while singing him a lullaby.  Dreamer gets to his feet and meets Steve on the top turnbuckle and superplexes him.  They both take some damage from the fall.  Steve manages to get to his feet first, but he and Dreamer trade blows.  Dreamer does the Dusty move set and DDT’s Steve.  Steve rakes the eyes, stopping a Dreamer driver.  Steve then cannonballs Tommy.  He tells Tommy he has to end him.  He grabs a fork.  Tommy stops him from stabbing him and cutters Steve.  Tommy gets the fork and stabs Steve.  He gets DQ’d.

Winner by DQ, Crazzy Steve

Dreamer continues using the fork post match on Steve, who seems to enjoy the pain.

Jonathan Gresham is asked about his opportunity tonight by Gia Miller.  He says tonight he will prove his talent will rise above tonight.

Match 3.  Brian Myers VS Joe Hendry

Hendry grabs the mic and talks about the rebrand back to TNA.  Hendry says Brian is no longer Edge’s Bitch, but now Adam’s Bitch.  Myers is livid and attacks Hendry.  Myers goes for a spear, eats an elbow and gets tossed to the floor.   Hendry uses the apron to ram Myers head.  Back in the ring, Hendry gets a two count.  Myers gets to the ropes after a fireman’s carry takedown.  Hendry then suplexes him.  After a powerslam and follow up elbow, Joe gets a two count.  Myers finally knees Hendry and Russian’s Hendry down for a two count.  Myers whips Joe into the buckle.  Hendry recovers and gorillas him.  Joe chops and then delay suplexes Myers.  Myers knees Hendry in the crotch and throws him into the post from the apron.  Myers is now fully recovered and on a vicious roll.  Hendry ends up in a sleeper, but gets to his feet.  Hendry manhandles Myers into a suplex, from the suplex.  He then fall away slams him.  He then fall away slams him a 2nd and 3rd time.  Myers somehow kicks out of a pin attempt at a two count.  Myers superkicks and DDT’s Hendry.  Hendry recovers and pop up powerbombs Myers.  Brian rakes the eyes and roster cuts Joe and gets the pin.  The ref missed the eye rake.

Winner by pinfall, Brian Myers

We get a Will Ospreay VS Josh Alexander vignette.  They will face off next week.  Ospreay is interviewed backstage.  He says he wrestled everyone and mentions all the places he’s been.  He says he wants to see if Alexander is as good as everyone says he is.

Match 4.  Eddie Edwards (with Alisha) VS Eric Young

The TNA chants usher in this match.  The two take turns taking each other down with dropkicks, shoulder blocks, and chops.  Neither can gain an advantage.  Eddie lands an overhead belly to belly.  He then drops a knee to EY’s head.  Eddie keeps the advantage choking EY, while the ref is distracted by his wife.  EY takes a beating, but slams Eddie on his left arm.  EY gains an advantage and even elbows Eddie off the top.  Alisha interferes again.  Eddie blue thunder bombs EY.  Alisha gives Eddie a chair.  The ref takes it.  Alisha tries to hit Eddie with a kendo stick while the ref was not looking.  Alisha hits Eddie by accident.  EY piledrives Eddie.  It is over.

Winner, EY.

Moose congratulates Myers backstage, Brian was upset Moose wasn’t out there with him.  Heath approaches them and challenges Myers, but Moose says Heath will have to face him next week.

Sonny Kiss is interviewed backstage.  Trinity comes out and they hug.  They happily set up a match for next week against each other.

Match 5.  Dirty Dango and Olig Prudius (with Alpha Bravo) VS Nick Diamond and Storm Grayson

This will be a squash match.  Dango doesn’t even bother going on the apron.  He then joins the announce team.  Olig tosses Diamond and Grayson around for a couple minutes.  Dango runs to the apron, tags in an finishes them off with a reverse DDT.

Winners, Olig and Dango

Jordynne Grace is approached backstage by Bully Ray and KiLynn King.  King goes after Grace verbally and Bully tells her to calm down.  Steve Maclin walks up and calls Bully Soft.  This looks to be setting up a mixed tag match down the road.  Shortly after the segment, the match is announced for next week.

The Rascalz are backstage and they introduce Myron Reed.  He is the newest member of the team.

Match 6.  Jonathan Gresham VS World Champion, Alex Shelley

The two poke jabs verbally at each other, and we go to a break.  Once back, the two exchange chops.  Gresham takes his turn, but then slaps Shelley in the crotch.  Gresham unravels his tape on his wrist and chokes the champ with it.  Gresham locks on the figure four.  Shelley eventually gets to the ropes, but Gresham refuses to let go.  He said he was stuck.  Once standing, Gresham stays on the attack with rakes of the eyes, while choking Shelley in the ropes.  Gresham spends the next few mins just wearing Alex out.  Shelley finally counters with chops.  Gresham counters with a shin breaker on Shelley’s left knee.  Gresham goes back to using the tape to choke Alex.  Shelley gets free and surfs the arm and pulls the fingers apart viciously.  The two go back and forth, with Shelley hurting Gresham’s arm.  His bad knee is lingering, but now Gresham has a bad limb.  Shelley dives on Gresham on the floor,  but the leg is further injured.  Gresham begs for a timeout.  Shelley’s knee keeps buckling, but he DDT’s Gresham on the floor.  Gresham recovers and rolls up Alex with a hand full of tights.  Shelley tags out.  The champ flatliners Gresham into the second rope.  He follows up with a DDT and floats to a Border City.  Gresham grabs the official and pulls himself to the ropes to break the hold.  Shelley kicks Gresham to his knees.  He then kicks him to the floor and Gresham blocks a Border City and rolls up Alex for a near fall.  The two battle from their knees until they get to their feet.  Gresham clips the bad knee.  Gresham delivers a springboard moonsault.  They roll each other up a few dozen times.  The pin attempts go on for a few mins.  That was an awesome exchange.  Gresham goes back to the figure four.  Shelley is mid ring, but squirms to the ropes.  Shelley shell shocks Gresham and gets the win.

Winner and still World Champion, Alex Shelley 



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