Corey Graves on Pat McAfee replacing him, and a possible landing spot for WWE Raw

Nov 7, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

Corey Graves said he took it personally when Pat McAfee came in and replaced him on SmackDown, saying it bothered him how professionally replaceable he was after holding down both Raw and SmackDown for two years.

– The two top contenders for Raw TV rights currently are reportedly Disney and Warner Bros Discovery. Disney’s intention is to put the show on their FX cable channel, although the idea of being on ESPN isn’t entirely out of question. The more interesting bidder, however, is WBD, as they currently are in negotiations for AEW’s TV rights deal as well.

It’s possible Warner picks both companies up, but the more likely scenario is only one being chosen. Time shall tell.

(Source: WON)

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