Konnan doesn’t want Tessa Blanchard back in AAA, Big E says Ridge Holland did apologize

Nov 6, 2023 - by staff

Konnan on why he would not bring Tessa Blanchard back into AAA:

“No. Why would I bring her in bro? She was very disrespectful man. She was like, ‘Oh, the only reason I’m in fu**ing Mexico is because of Daga.’ Really, okay, and (she said) ‘Why do you guys do this? Why do you guys do that?’ I go, ‘Because, newsflash, this is Lucha Libre, not U.S. wrestling’, and bro, let me tell you it would be very uncomfortable after the way they (Blanchard & Daga) got separated that she’d be in the same dressing room with him and then I don’t want to put him in that position but They were married. She hooked up with some other guy and he found out, like, one of the boys in other room.”

– Speaking on Hot 97, Big E said that Ridge Holland sent him a box of meat after injuring him as a way of apologizing:

“Yeah, we worked together before, and he’s a good dude, so I didn’t want him to feel bad. He actually sent me a box of meat rub. That’s how us men, that’s how we settle things, that’s how we smoke the peace pipe. He sent me a bunch of beef…It’s no hard feelings, things just went awry. There’s no malice, he didn’t mean to hurt me. He was posting that people were sending him death threats. Things go awry in wrestling. It happens. He didn’t mean it, we’re cool, it’s fine. Leave that man alone.”

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