5 tips on how to make watching sports more fun

Nov 6, 2023 - by staff

There are people who love to play sports and there are people who prefer to watch sports on TV. We all know that watching a game live can be exhilarating – the roar of the crowd, the feeling of shared victory, and the genuine sense of spectacle that goes hand-in-hand when you watch a game live. Most sports fans have not been able to afford a season ticket for a long time, plus there are other expenses like travel and more. While there are ways to attend games on a small budget, what is there to do for it? So if you can’t go to the event, the event has to come to you. To make it (almost) as exciting as being at a live game, check out these 5 tips to make watching sporting events more fun.

Make it an event

From ancient Rome to the modern Olympics, sports have been used to bring people together for thousands of years. Sharing the experience with others amplifies the atmosphere with contagious excitement and provides an opportunity to unite with like-minded people in a great experience. Super Bowl parties, for example, have become a phenomenon and almost a tradition in America, with reports of billions of dollars spent by Americans to host and attend a Super Bowl party.

While being in the middle of a crowd at the stadium may not be as exciting, you can fill the comfort of your home with similar hoopla. Preparing some snacks or organizing communal feasts, perhaps themed around preparing regional dishes from the country or playing party games, inviting friends with like and rival allegiances and decorating your living room in the team’s colors are all easy ways to make it a real event. You could even rent a projector and show the game on a big screen.

Go to a pub

The cheers. The tears. The collective enthusiasm. If you still want to soak up and breathe the atmosphere of a passionate crowd, a pub is one of the best places. It’s hard to sit on a sideline when you’re in the middle of an environment full of sports fans excited about a game.

For the best experience, be sure to find a pub that has atmosphere, shows the game with full sound, and does general advertising around the event. You’ll want to watch the game, so choose a pub that shows it on a big screen and get there early enough to secure a front row seat. Some pubs have special deals and promotions on food and drinks for big events, so look out for these as they can be a great way to enjoy a game and not have to spend a lot of money.

Fantasy Leagues

If you fancy taking on the role of team manager of your own imaginary team, then fantasy leagues may be just the thing for you. Fantasy leagues have become increasingly popular over the years, with the official Fantasy Premier League being the most widely used platform. It’s so popular that it’s even sparked controversy and debate in popular culture. Soccer isn’t the only sport that has fantasy leagues, they have them for pretty much every sport including surfing, NBA, golf and field hockey.

There are many apps that make joining a league easy – as well as websites and other platforms designed to host the fun – and you can find plenty of online discussion forums full of tips to help you pick your teams. So get your friends, family and colleagues involved and you’ll have instant conversation and harmless competition to make even the duller games more exciting. You could even create a small prize for the winner to add more incentive!


Responsible betting can be another fun way to get more involved while watching sports. A little tip can liven up any rainy Sunday night game. People have been betting on sports for as long as sports have existed, with online sports betting being a multi-billion dollar business in the US and Europe alone. By betting on the outcome of a game, it can make watching the game more exciting as you follow in anticipation of the outcome and the chance to make some money with a win.

Check out the top teams and all the tips out there before you wager your coins and, as always, make sure you play responsibly. There are plenty of resources out there to keep you in check. So if you ever have any doubts, be sure to check out a list of help centers for problem gambling. While there are many apps available for sports betting, you might also consider just doing the betting among yourself. In any case, some small stakes betting can add an intriguing element to the occasion. If you’re looking for exciting betting opportunities, be sure to visit Stay casino login Australia.

Watch sports online

Even though you might not have the same stadium experience at home, you will still benefit from hearing all the additional in-game commentary broadcast by announcers and reporters. You can also go online and use platforms like Twitter, follow journalists’ and commentators’ accounts to get up-to-the-minute insider reports and statistics on the game you’re watching. From legendary moments to analysis and camaraderie, everything happens on Twitter. With 30 tweets posted every second about sports, you can join the growing number of people who use this platform to participate in debates and discussions around the game.

Sports podcasts are also widely available, with dedicated podcasts for pretty much every sport. If you’re a big fan, you might even find one dedicated to your actual team. The best thing about podcasts is that they are free and offer a wealth of information that you can use to further expand your knowledge and become a more current sports fan. You could even connect this new knowledge to your fantasy league!

Final Thoughts

From the shared company and stadium atmosphere to the betting on possible outcomes, sports games are among the ultimate and most rewarding forms of entertainment. Watching a game is an exciting pastime and there are many ways to make the experience as enjoyable as possible.

While walking into a sold-out stadium is something that can never be fully recreated, these tips may get you to take on the challenge of making sports on TV a little more entertaining.

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