Moxley on too many championship belts, Ospreay tweets on Crown Jewel, Fast Smackdown viewership

Nov 5, 2023 - by staff

Jon Moxley on Too Many Championship Belts in wrestling:

“There are a lot of belts. All kinds of belts all over the place. These days, a lot of motherf*ckers walking around with Western Hemisphere… Asiatic… Eastern Time Zone Championship… whatever the f*ck.
Belts hold up your pants.

Championships are forged in the fires of combat like you saw in the main event [Ospreay vs Shota].”

Will Ospreay watched Crown Jewel

– Fast affiliates for Smackdown on Friday Night measured at 2.02M viewers for Friday’s episode.

Projecting around 2.10M to 2.15M for the final, to be reported on Monday. Could be the lowest on Fox in months, reports Brandon Thurston.

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  1. What? says:

    Says the former “All-Atlantic”…sorry, “International” champion.

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