LA Knight Knew He Would Deliver When Given The Opportunity

Nov 4, 2023 - by James Walsh

LA Knight has made himself undeniable in WWE.

The Megastar spoke on this topic during a recent interview with The Ringer, where he hyped up his showdown with Roman Reigns at tomorrow’s Crown Jewel premium live event. During the chat Knight discussed his ascension in WWE and how he’s now in the main event of his first-ever Crown Jewel show.

This is my first Crown Jewel show, and I’m at the top of the card. [This match is] a hell of a testament to the work that I put in, but also just the people making it. Last time we were in Saudi Arabia, the whole crowd just chanting ‘LA Knight,’ right at Triple H. At some point, it’s undeniable. I’ve made myself undeniable.

Knight later recalls his long difficult journey to WWE, and how nobody wanted to give him a fair shot. That doesn’t bother him since he knew he’d deliver once given the proper opportunity.

Nobody ever wanted to give me a shot. I didn’t have the hookups. I didn’t have somebody in my family who was in the business. I didn’t have anybody who really had that kind of a hookup. Anytime that I kind of started to get my foot in the door a little bit, people get a certain perception or thought about me one way or another with me barely saying two words to them. So it always made it kind of tough for me to get going anywhere. Some of that, I’m sure, sits on my lap. I hold some of the fault in that, I’m sure. But at the same time, once I got that opportunity, I knew I was going to run like hell with it, and that’s what I’ve done.

3 Responses

  1. Gau says:

    What is he delivering exactly? a cheap ripoff of actual ‘megastars’?

  2. Ian Toast says:

    Hogan ripped off Billy Graham. As long as the ripoff is entertaining, it’s fine.

  3. Kevin H says:

    Agreed Ian, some of the biggest stars of all time have been a “ripoff” of someone one way or another. As you said ,Hulk Hogan, “Nature boy” Ric flair ala Buddy Rogers, Mic Foley ala Terry Funk . In reality most of the time it’s just called being inspired and why wouldn’t someone be inspired by the biggest names in their business?

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