AEW Collision November 4th

Nov 4, 2023 - by Achal Mohindra

AEW Collision
November 4, 2023
Live from: INTRUST Bank Arena, Wichita, Kansas

Collision kicks of with FTR about revenge on Starks and Big Bill, we then hear from Starks and Big Bill, then Lance Archer and Jake Roberts about their return to AEW and Darby Allin says he is ready, Swerve Strickland speaks and is met by AR Fox who kicks him and music hits.

When we are live we see AR Fox beating down Swerve Strickland and match is happening before it gets underway.

Singles Match
AR Fox Vs Swerve Strickland w/Prince Nana

Fox is beating down Strickland on the ramp, match goes into the ring and referee calls for the bell, Swerve exits the ring, Fox flies over the top onto Strickland, rolling cutter by AR Fox,  AR Fox with boot to Strickland, Swerve hangs Fox on post, then a suplex throw on Fox onto ring apron, Strickland sends Fox into the security barricade, Gates of Agony come to the ring, Fox lifted and tossed chest first across top turnbuckle. Swerve with a super plex of the top rope.

Strickland with a kick to AR Fox then stands on him with support of rope, Strickland with hanging apron drop, Swerve with a dive of the top rope, Swerve with a armbar, Swerve taunting Fox, Fox retaliates with a chop to Strickland, DDT from the outside in by Fox, Twisting Vertical Suplex by Fox, 450 splash of the top rope for a two count. Hanging suplex by AR Fox for a two count, hanging neckbreaker by Swerve Strickland, Small package by AR Fox for a two count, Swerve throws AR Fox onto the top rope, Swerve Strickland with a stomp of the top rope for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Swerve Strickland

After the match Gates of Agony attempt to double team AR Fox but FTR come out and a brawl ensues and then AEW World Tag Team Champions Big Bill and Ricky Starks join the brawl, LFI join the brawl and help clear the ring. FTR offer handshake and LFI refuse to tag and leave the ring. We see House of Black watching over.

We see MJF saying well done for clearly pinning me on Wednesday, Jay White you are a pretender and stop being a dip S***, you are a nobody, I will prove it at Full Gear, We see Bullet Club Gold who say Jay pinned MJF, We told you so and we are truly Elite.


Tag Team Match
The Kingdom Vs Dave McGregor and Mark Brixton.

Kingdom in control, double team piledriver and arogant pinfall for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Kingdom

Singles Match
Darby Allin Vs Lance Archer w/Jake “Snake” Roberts

Darby tries to gain control but Archer with a chop, then Archer tosses Darby Allin into the corner, then Darby is met in the middle with a short clothesline, Archer walks the rope with Darby Allin but Allin shakes ropes, then Darby does a running dive through the rope, then tries again on opposite side but is caught and then a release suplex on the ring ramp.

Archer sends Allin into the ring, Archer pushes Allin head into post, Allin with a kick to Archer but a uppercut drops Darby Allin, Archer with a chop to Darby Allin in the corner, Darby is thrown into the corner, then a chops to Darby, Archer with knee to throat of Darby Allin. Archer goes for Blackout Slam but Darby stops it and hooks a sleeper but Archer escapes and then Darby climbs to top but is met with a knee lift and Archer goes for Blackout Slam but Darby counters into a rollup for a two, middle rope splash and caught and thrown across the ring by Lance Archer. Darby is thrown into the corner, then a chokeslam by Lance Archer, then a second one but threw him out the ring, Jake Roberts grabs skateboard but Stephon Smith catches him and ejects Jake Roberts, right punch by Archer takes down Darby Allin, Archer puts Allin on the top rope and Darby Allin bites him, thumb to the eyes, Canadian Destroyer of the top rope by Darby Allin for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Darby Allin

After the match Jake Snake Roberts says I haven’t returned with only Lance Archer and introduces the Righteous and then Jake taunts Darby Allin more and then a Blackout Slam on Darby Allin.

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Willow Nightingale, Skye Blue and TBS Champion Kris Statlander.


Segment: AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship 69 Day Celebration

Max Castor does a rap, then Billy Gunn says we have been champions for 69 days and then loads of streamers go off, Bowens says I wanted to introduce a surprise for my friend Max Castor and got you a present, VT with MJF says thought it was a bad idea, but you have earned my respect and I may be allowed another friend, and may want to tag with you again but no scissoring, Max says it is great and hard work and recognised by trophy and we couldn’t have done it with the people, this trophy goes out to all our fans and people here in Wichita, Kansas. Max says we will get to 69, then 69, then 69, then 69, and then Bowens grabs the mic and says get a grip, Billy says how will I 69 everyone in here, Crowd chant Daddy Scissoring needs to happen. Music of Dalton Castle hits and he comes out with The Boys. Dalton enters the ring and want something. The Boys grab the trophy and present it to Dalton Castle and Dalton Castle throws the trophy to the mat, brawl ensues on the outside.

AEW World Trios Tag Team Championship
Challengers; Dalton Castle and The Boys Vs Champions: Daddy Ass and The Acclaimed

The Boys bring in a piniata but Bowens with a double clothesline to The Boys. Acclaimed and Daddy Ass do a scissor but is attacked by The Boys and Daddy Ass. back elbow to Castle, Castle with beatdown on Bowens, Boy 1 tagged in, short suplex, then Dalton Castle tagged back in and waistlock slam on Anthony Bowens, then a running splash for a two count, clothesline by Castle on Castor, then Boy 2 in, Bowens with chops and discus clothesline to The Boys in turn, fameasser by Bowens on Dalton Castle, Scissor me Timber of the top rope, Billy Gunn with a Fameasser to Boy 1 then Mic Drop for the win.

Winners via Pinfall and still AEW World Trios Tag Team Champions: Daddy Ass and The Acclaimed

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Andrade El Idolo and asks has asked any ideas about asking CJ Perry to manage him, Andrade says it will be in person.


Trios Tag Team Match
Kip Sabian and The Work Horseman – Anthony Henry & JD Drake Vs Mark Briscoe, “Natural” Dustin Rhodes and “Limitless” Keith Lee

Match starts with Briscoe and Sabian, Komigiri to Briscoe, then a Cannonball, Drake tagged in and Briscoe sends Sabian to the outside, then a rocket punch by JD Drake to Briscoe, Henry with a dive splash for a two count. JD Drake with a roll into the ring for a two count. Slingshot Cradle by Kip for a two count. Cannonball by Drake to Briscoe in the corner after running knee by Kip Sabian, Briscoe with half and half to JD Drake then a exploder to Henry,.

Dustin tagged in and a Wichita Destroyer on Henry, rolling spin by Keith Lee on Sabian, then a elbow drop of the top rope by Mark Briscoe for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Mark Briscoe, “Natural” Dustin Rhodes and “Limitless” Keith Lee


Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Mark Briscoe, and Mark Briscoe challenges Jay White to a match on Dynamite.

Women’s Singles Match
Willow Nightingale Vs Emi Sakura

Both women run at each other, Emi takes down Willow, misses a elbow, cross body slam by Willow for a two count. Emi Sakura with a cross body, Willow is up against steps and Emi does running splash into her.  Cartwheel Kick by Willow, Sakura with chops in the corner, running cross body in the corner, Sakura with a kick to Willow and then hangs Willow on middle rope and leg across the neck. Willow with chops to Sakura, Sakura counters with a poke to the eyes, Sakura goes for Bow and Arrow but Willow pushes her off. Willow with a chop and Emi with a slap, Willow goes for a suplex, but Emi counters, chop to Willow by Emi, Emi goes for reverse sleeper, Emi with a low bridge sends Willow to the outside, Dirty Driver on Emi On the outside, then Willow climbs to middle rope and shotgun drop kick for a two count. Emi goes for Dr Bomb but Willow escapes, Swinging neckbreaker by Emi Sakura but no follow up. Willow with chops to Sakura, poke to the eye of Willow by Sakura, spinebuster by Willow Nightingale for a two count, Dr Bomb by Willow Nightingale for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Willow Nightingale

Backstage Lexy Nair is with Samoa Joe and Joe says I have not heard back from MJF an he will endure pain till he accepts my help. Keith Lee walks in and says you have not beaten everyone and Samoa Joe says we can remedy this on Wednesday.

Commercial break

Main Event 8 Man Tag Team Match
Los Ingobernables – Rush and Preston Vance and FTR – Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler w/Dralistico and Jose The Assistant Vs AEW World Tag Team Champions: Big Bill and Ricky Starks and Gates of Agony – Kaun and Liona

Vance and Big Bill start, Bill runs at Vance in the corner and then again but Vance stops it, short clothesline by Bill to Vance, Kaun tagged in, Kaun goes for running senton missed, Wheeler tagged in, Kaun with punches to Wheeler, side slam by Wheeler, Harwood tagged in, running senton by Kaun, Tao Liona tagged in and scoop slam to Dax Harwood, Boot missed by Liona and then chops by Harwood, shotgun dropkick by Liona takes down Harwood.

Starks tagged in and Catapult slingshot to Starks, RUSH tagged in and sends him into 3 security walls, Rush with stomps to Ricky Starks, Jose sends in rope and Rush chokes Starks behind the referees back, all men enter and brawl ensues, Rush with a hammerlock and then Harwood tagged in, Harwood sends Starks into middle turnbuckle, Big Bill tagged in, senton splash, then high angle elbow drop, Kaun tagged in, Kaun sends Liona onto Dax Harwood in the corner, Ricky Starks with top rope walk and chop to Dax Harwood, Big Bill misses a middle rope leg drop. Rush tagged in and high knee to Kaun and then again to Liona, Rush with a kick to Ricky Starks in the corner, powerslam by Rush on Ricky Starks for a two count. Rush with a side suplex and then Kaun tagged in with a headbutt and a release to Preston Vance, Discus Elbow by Vance missed into a chokeslam, Big Bill takes both FTR members down with a double clothesline. Release German Suplex by Rush on Liona, Rush goes for a move but is met by a spear from Ricky Starks.

Kaun tagged in and drive drop on Dax Harwood, Standing switch, discus punch by Rush on Ricky Starks, Rush tags in Dax and chops to Liona, Rush tagged back in and a Big Rig on Liona. Diving move to Kaun, then Rush sends Ricky Starks into the corner then the Bull Run by Rush for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Los Ingobernables – Rush and Preston Vance and FTR – Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler

After the match: Rush and Preston Vance leave without shaking hands of FTR.

We see House of Black on Titantron and Says FTR care about being champions and it won’t happen and then lights go out and House of Black are in the ring and attacking FTR. Music of  Blackpool Combat Club hit and come down to the ring with chairs. Claudio goes for a Big Swing but Brody pulls out Malakai Black.

Collision ends


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