Powerhouse Hobbs says Don Callis saw potential in him years ago

Nov 2, 2023 - by James Walsh

In an interview with In the Kliq (via Fightful), Powerhouse Hobbs spoke about his alliance with Don Callis on AEW TV and how this isn’t a reset for his character. Hobbs recently joined the Callis Family and went on to defeat Chris Jericho. Here are highlights:

On his alliance with Callis:

“I wouldn’t call it a reset. I would call it me being myself. While we were in the pandemic, Don Callis made his appearance in AEW. This is a true story, God’s honest truth. Don looked at me and said — didn’t say it to me, ‘You could be somebody.’ He said, ‘You’re going to be somebody,’ and that meant a whole lot because Don has been in the business for so long. What people don’t know is Don actually came out to Oakland with me to film those vignettes,” he said. “Don and I, I wouldn’t say have been in cahoots, but we’ve been talking for a while. Don has been with me and he has helped me get a lot of stuff off my chest. I know fans are saying that this is another reset for Powerhouse Hobbs,” he continued. “This isn’t a reset. What you see on TV is me. The promo I got on Jericho about yelling at my grandma and yelling at me, that’s legit frustration. I had some Chris Jericho figures Chris Jericho figures and that junk ended up in the fireplace. I got in trouble for wasting my grandparents’ money but obviously, that was real. That’s a true story.”

On Callis helping him with his Book of Hobbs vignettes:

“We talked and he was like, ‘Tell me about your life. Tell me about this pain.’ We went to every thought that we could go to that had some actual, real-life background. We went to the spot, my grandmother’s porch, where my brother’s on time with death happened. We went to the actual barber shop I go to. We went to the actual back alley where I hung out at, and we actually saw some of my boys back there playing a game of four-five-six. All that stuff was real.”

On if there will be any more vignettes:

“It’s possible, but what you’re going to see now is just more dominance. Me getting a lot of stuff off my chest.”

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