Wrestling Producer David Sahadi Releases his new book, “My Dad My Dying Sun”

Nov 1, 2023 - by staff

Just announced….

Legendary Producer David Sahadi Releases his new book,
“My Dad My Dying Sun”

(Nashville, TN) Longtime producer David Sahadi just released a new book, co-written by his recently-deceased father, legendary sports author Lou Sahadi.

This is a story of the lives of David Sahadi and his “Poppa Lou” who have lived in the shadows of legends. Behind the scenes stories with superstars Frank Sinatra, The Undertaker, Joe Namath, Muhammad Ali, The Rock, Willie Mays, Bruno Sammartino and more.
Lou Sahadi worked for Vince McMahon Sr, and eventually his son David worked for Vince McMahon Jr. In this book, many wrestling anecdotes are shared, such as the creation of the “Attitude Era” in the 1990s, the superstars Sahadi worked with, as well as the real reason David left WWE in 2003.

Lou Sahadi was the most prolific sportswriter of his generation, having authored 31 books as well as writing tens of thousands of magazine articles. For 20 years he also published monthly magazines on major sports and professional wrestling, most notably “Wrestling Scene.”

“When I was a kid, I didn’t want to be a Sandy Koufax. I wanted to be Lou Sahadi.”
– Hall-of Fame announcer Mike Tenay said.

This book is more than just tales of celebrities from the worlds of entertainment, sports and professional wrestling. It is also the story of a dying father, his beloved son and the emotional bond of love, connection and the blessed lives the lived in the shadows of legends.

“David’s ability to convey emotion and imagery through words is second to none. As I read each chapter, my heart ached for him, his siblings and his father.” – author Michael Cavacini.

“I started crying the moment I first read this book. David is a creative genius and this is a must read book for everyone.” – Hall-of-Famer Gail Kim

This book is David’s story. Lou’s story. The story of “My Dad My Dying Sun.”

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