Torrie Wilson would have no problem putting over Rhea Ripley

Nov 1, 2023 - by James Walsh

Torrie Wilson may be a WWE Hall of Famer, but she wouldn’t have an issue being pinned by Rhea Ripley as she’s “obsessed” with her. Wilson spoke with Bill Apter for Sportskeeda’s WrestleBinge and during the conversation, she ended up cutting a “promo” on Ripley that really turned into a lovefest.

“Rhea, I’m going to step into that ring and I’m going to be ready to kick your a**,” Wilson said (per Fightful). “You know what? It’s going to take one move. One little bitch slap to my face, and I’ll be down. I know you got me, but you know what? I’m so obsessed with you, I’ll let you pin me. I’ll let you kick my ass for free. Okay? That’s my promo on you. That’s a horrible promo, but I love you so much.”

She then joked
that she would be willing to turn heel to join Judgment Day, saying, “You have to kind of love them. I’d have to turn a heel, but sometimes you gotta do that.”

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  1. Straight Edge Shooter says:

    I’d love to watch Rhea “pin” her

  2. Gau says:

    I’m sure the Brooklyn Brawler would have no problem putting over Roman Reigns too..

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