Statlander on women’s division needing more airtime, Knight says people are tired of Reigns’ title reign

Nov 1, 2023 - by staff

Kris Statlander on AEW women’s division needing more TV time ….

“I do wish that we could get more time because I do feel if we’re given time, with the right people, we’re gonna put on a show that no one’s ever gonna forget. That’s just life, though.

“We’re just always gonna keep fighting an uphill battle no matter what we do, not just in wrestling, but in all of life because that’s just what happens when you’re a woman sometimes”

LA Knight thinks everyone is sick of Roman Reigns’ title reign

‘My assessment is everybody’s sick of that. Here’s a guy, he’s got about one title defense every three, four months? Four defenses a year, and we’re celebrating the fact that he’s been champion for 1,200 days? You got to be kidding me.’

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