The NXT “Iron Survivor Challenge” is back

Oct 31, 2023 - by staff

Qualifying matches will begin next week on NXT.

The rules of the Iron Survivor match has five wrestlers competing in the match, which lasts 25 minutes. Two wrestlers begin the match, and every five minutes another wrestler enters. Each wrestler gets a point if they score a pinfall, submission, or are a victim of a disqualification. Whoever is pinned, submitted, or disqualified goes into a penalty box for 90 seconds. The winner of the match, or Iron Survivor, is whoever scores the most points at the end of 25 minutes.

The stipulation was first introduced during last year’s Deadline, when Roxanne Perez and Grayson Waller won the first-ever women’s and men’s Iron Survivor matches. As a result, both received championship matches. Perez would defeat Mandy Rose to win the NXT Women’s Championship, while Waller failed.

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