AEW Collision 28-10

Oct 28, 2023 - by Achal Mohindra

AEW Collision
Date: 28-10-2023
Live From: Uncasville, CT
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuiness

Match 1: Singles Match
“Switchblade” Jay White Vs AR Fox

Takedown by White, then a running shoulder tackle, chops in the corner to Fox by Jay White. White sends Fox into the corner, but Fox counters with a kick, then sends White to the outside, then a running jump over the top rope with a running, then a shooting star press onto the ground, White with a suplex drop in the corner, White goes for a suplex, then a hip toss and knife edge chop, Elbow shot to AR Fox by Jay White in the corner. White sends Fox to the outside, then behind the referees back Gunns beat down AR Fox, then White sends Fox into security wall.

Snap Suplex by White for a two count, Dragon screw leg whip by Jay White, then a MUTA lock by Jay White, but Fox gets to the rope, snap mare takedown, chinlock on Fox by White, chops and punches exchanged, Conhiro dive by Fox onto The Gunns, then one onto Jay White, then a twisting suplex and a 450 splash by AR Fox for a two count. Side Headlock on White by Fox in the corner, Flatliner DDT by Fox on White from the top rope for a two count, Double Axehandle followed by Blade Runner for the win.

Winner via Pinfall “Switchblade” Jay White

After the match MJF comes through the crowd to get his belt back but is stopped and retrieves through the crowd.

Match 2: Tag Team Match
The Gunns – Austin and Colten Vs The Boys – Brandon and Brent w/Dalton Castle

Brandon and Austin start the match, Brent sends Brandon into the corner onto Austin, Brandon taken down with a short clothesline by Colten then sent to the outside, then Brent is dropped with 3:10 to Yuma for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Gunns – Austin & Colten

We see a video package featuring MJF and Kenny Omega


We see a Danhausen package saying see you soon

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Ryan Nemeth and says he needs to secure management and is outside locker room of CJ Perry and He knocks on the door and Miro answers brings him in and closes the door and can hear Miro beating down Ryan Nemeth.

Match 3: Women’s Division Halloween Fight Night Street Fight for AEW Women’s World Championship
Challenger: Abadon Vs Champion: Hikaru Shida

Tie up in the middle of the ring, Abadon tries to bite Shida. Headscissor take down by Abadon, Abadon grabs a pole and Shida sends her into the trash can, punches in the corner, dropkick to Abadon, Abadon escapes and Shida goes to find her and Abadon comes out from under the ring but Shida blocks her, then Abadon grabs a trash can lid, Knee breaker on Shida for a two count, Abadon chokes Shida with a skeleton bone, skeleton bone exchange, Abadon with a snap suplex for a two count.

Abadon slams Shida head into the matt, then trash can to the head, trash can shots to Shida, Shida choked by Abadon, Abadon with headbutts to Shida, Shida grabs a broom stick and climbs to the rope but misses and clothesline exchanged in the ring. Abadon grabs a baseball bat from under the ring, but Shida reverses it and chokes Abadon with it, kicks and punches don’t phase Abadon, Abadon with a lariant for a two count. Shida sent into middle ring post, Blockbuster from middle rope onto the candy, Abadon grabs a pumpkin and Shida grabs a kendo stick and smashes pumpkin, then hits Tamashi knee, then puts a pumpkin on Abadon and hits Katana Kick finisher to retain title

Winners via Pinfall and still AEW Women’s World Champion: Hikaru Shida

After the match, Toni Storm music hits and she comes out and lies down on the announce table.


We see a video package featuring Keith Lee and Lee Moriaty.

Match 4: Singles Match for ROH Television Championship
Challenger: Rhett Titus Vs Champion: Samoa Joe

Bobby Cruise is your ring announcer. tie up in the ring, Joe sends Titus into the corner, then a back elbow in the corner, chops to Titus in the corner, Titus climbs to the top but Joe walks away and he missed, Joe goes for Muscle Buster but Titus breaks it then kicks to Joe in the corner, then a Uranagi suplex and then a sleeper plex in the middle of the ring for the win.

Winner via Pinfall and still ROH Television Champion: Samoa Joe

We see Renee Paquette interviewing QT Marshall, Johnny Wrestling and Aaron Solo from last night on Rampage.

We see Claudio Castagnoli who wants revenge and wants to challenge Orange Cassidy for AEW International Championship on Dynamite

Match 5: Singles Match
1/2 of AEW World Tag Team Champions “Absolute” Ricky Starks Vs Dax Harwood

Before the match, the lights go out and then go back on and we see House of Black standing in crowd on the stairs and Julia Hart on the stage. Tie up in the ring, takedown by Dax, single leg takedown by Dax, Shoulder block takedown by Dax, suplex but countered with a drop kick, countered into a armdrag takedown, side headlock takedown, Starks with chop to Dax in the corner, reversed by Dax, Dax with a suplex for a 1 count. scoop slam by Dax for a two count.

Dax goes to top rope but Starks moves out the way, Starks walks the rope with Dax Harwood and chop to Dax, then a legdrop on the edge on the throat of Dax. Dax sends Stark to the outside, goes for a baseball slide but is caught in mat, then a suplex by Starks on Dax on the ring entrance ramp. Dax sends Starks into ring apron, then back in the ring a short suplex by Starks for a two count. Dax puts Starks on the rope, then forearm chops exchanged, Starks with shotgun drop kick to Dax Harwood for a two count. Dax with chops to Starks in the corner, corner knee by Starks on Harwood. Dax with a super plex on Ricky Starks, both men are down, both men up at 7 count, clothesline lariat by Starks to Harwood, Starks goes for Ro Sham Bo but caught by punches, Dax with rollup and uses tights but only a two count. Standing switch by Dax Harwood, into a Brainbuster by Harwood for a two count.

Dax sent shoulder first into ringpost, Dax with running knee, then goes for a pinfall and Big Bill pulls out Starks then back in the ring Piledriver by Ricky Starks for the win

Winner via Pinfall 1/2 of AEW World Tag Team Champions “Absolute” Ricky Starks

After the match lights go out, come up and Julia Hart is on the ramp, then, House of Black surround FTR till LFG come out and look at FTR then attack House of Black and Tag Team Champions and then Big Bill and Ricky Starks escape ring and then House of Black retreat.

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Andrade and asks about his communication with CJ Perry, Andrade says something and Lexy says I don’t understand.


Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Skye Blue, Willow Nightingale and AEW TBS Women’s Champion Kris Statlander, Willow talks about the tension and Skye Blue says my tension with Shida is my business.

Match 5: Singles Match
Claudio Castagnoli Vs “Hot Sauce” Tracey Williams

Ckaudio with an upper clothesline and then a throwdown and then a DDT and Neutralizer for the win

Winner via Pinfall Claudio Castagnoli

We see MJF and Kenny Omega preparing for main event, Samoa Joe comes to MJF and says I am your friend and if you need help give me a call.


Main Event: Singles Match for AEW World Heavyweight Championship
Challenger: Kenny Omega Vs Champion: Maxwell Jacob Friedman – MJF

Jim Ross is out for commentary and your commentators are Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and Nigel McGuiness, Dasha Gonzalez does the introductions.

Staredown in the middle of the ring, tie up by Omega, standing switch by MJF, takedown, then a rolling arm lock by MJF, tie up again the ring, Omega lies down and MJF walks over him and does the strut, cartwheel escape, side headlock, headscsissor by Omega reversed and escaped, MJF offers his hand for handshake of friendship, they shake hands, and then MJF pokes Omega in the eye, MJF hits ropes and is tossed over the rope by Omega, Omega does his tope con-hero over the top rope, Omega sends MJF inside the ring but MJF rolls over with a dive to takedown Omega. Omega climbs to the top rope and dives but with high knees. Knee breaker powerbomb back breaker by MJF for a two count, MJF with a side headlocks. Omega with a right hand to MJF. Hammerlock sleeper drop by MJF for a two count. MJF mocks Omega and runs at Omega but is caught with a Snap Dragon suplex, polish hammers by Omega, dropkick to knee cap of MJF by Omega for a two. Omega sends MJF to the outside over the top rope and then a reverse moonsault on MJF on the outside. Omega sends MJF back in the ring and then a missile dropkick by Omega from the top rope for a two count, running suplex then a shooting star press by Omega stopped by knees of MJF.

MJF with clothesline take down, MJF with punches to Omega in the corner, and then MJF bites Omega, whip into turnbuckle by MJF on Omega, MJF goes for the kangaroo kick and connects and sends Omega to the outside, MJF goes for over rope move but Omega stops him, then an atomic drop on MJF by Omega. Omega goes for his running knee, but MJF escapes and then a missile dropkick to MJF into announce table, Kenny Omega sets a table up by the ramp, Sunset Flip reversed then reversed again and cradle by Omega for a two, backslide by MJF for a two and clash in the corner then both clash and both men down, referee begins count, kicks and punches exchanged on apron near the table, then Kenny Omega drops MJF with a Snapdragon on the ring mat. Omega picks up MJF and does a seated powerbomb on the table. (THIS IS AWESOME CHANT)

Medical staff attend to both MJF and Kenny Omega, both men up and back in the ring. Kenny with hammer chop to MJF punches to Omega by MJF, punches and hammers exchanged, Omega with punches, MJF with a thumb to the eye and rolling elbow stuns MJF, MJF escapes one winged angel with a neck breaker takeover, then a reverse neckbreaker takeover again by Kenny Omega. Kenny runs at MJF but met with a clothesline. Jumping knee by Omega, armbar twist takedown, Blue Thunder Bomb variant by MJF for a two count. Powerbomb Pedigree on knee on Omega by MJF, then a piledriver by Omega for a two count but MJF gets his foot on the rope.

MJF rolls to the outside, Kenny follow him, and powerbombs MJF on security rail. Omega removes guard from barrier, then Omega sends MJF in the ring to break the count, then Omega climbs rope and MJF runs into ropes and hits hard on turnbuckle. MJF climbs to middle rope but is dropped by Omega onto ring post, Kenny Omega with running knee followed by Snap Dragon and a running knee for a two count. Omega goes for his B Trigger, then another to the shoulder, Kenny Omega goes for One Winged Angel till Don Callis comes out and Omega rolls up MJF reversed roll up for a two count, Calls climbs on apron but is ejected, then a suplex takedown for 3 two counts countered, hanging DDT by MJF through middle rope for a two count. MJF goes for Panama Sunrise but missed and a roll up for a two then MJF nails Panama Sunrise and a Heat Seeker DDT to retain the title.

Winner via Pinfall and still AEW World Heavyweight Champion: Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF

After the match we see Samoa Joe watching on, as is Wardlow, as is Powerhouse Hobbs and Bullet Club Gold. Kenny Omega stands up and MJF offers a handshake and then MJF and Kenny Omega shake hands and MJF raises the hand of Kenny Omega and the referee raises the hand of MJF.

AEW Collision ends

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