AEW Collision 21-10-2023

Oct 21, 2023 - by Achal Mohindra

AEW Collision
Date: 21-10-2023
Live From: Memphis, Tennessee
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness

Match 1 – Singles Match
“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson Vs Andrade El Idolo

Tie up in the middle of the ring, wristlock by Danielson, reversed into a hip lock, stare down in the middle of the ring, arm wrench, Danielson with a suplex to escape the hold, tie up, and Idolo has Danielson on his back into multiple rollups for two counts, Missed dropkick by Danielson countered into a takedown by Idolo, Bow and Arrow by Danielson on Idolo escaped by Andrade El Idolo for a two count,

Standing switch by Danielson, into a hammerlock takedown, Andrade goes for Figure 4 but Danielson stops it, Idolo with chops to Danielson in the corner countered by Danielson in the corner with IT kicks, headbutt by Danielson, Tranquilo by Idolo in the ropes calls Danielson in who is sent to the outside, hammerlock into ringpost by Danielson. both men down on the outside, Danielson works on shoulder, stomp on the elbow of Idolo by Danielson, Bryan Danielson with stomps to Andrade, Danielson with kicks in the corner, chop to chest of Danielson by Idolo, Danielson with kicks to the arm and shoulder, flying elbow by Idolo on Danielson, both men down, Running attack, and Danielson climbs to the top and a drop kick sends Danielson to the mat and then a moonsault by Idolo on Danielson on the outside, Split Leg Moonsault by Idolo on Danielson for a two count, Idolo tries to nail a superplex, but Danielson with headbutts sends Idolo to the mat, Danielson with a suplex, then IT kicks to Idolo by Danielson, dragon screw leg whip by Idolo, then countered into pinfall for a two, Dragon Screw countered but Danielson hooks Labelle Lock but Idolo gets to the rope, Danielson put in tree of woe, then boot to Danielson, running knees, but a two count for El Idolo.

Scoop slam by Idolo, Idolo climbs top rope and goes moonsault rolls but Danielson gets knees up, then IT kicks and Labelle Lock hooked in the middle of the ring but Idolo escapes and Idolo hooks Figure 4 but bridges to Figure 8 but Danielson gets to the bottom rope to cause the break, chops by Danielson to Idolo, running boot, Idolo goes for running knees, and multiple rollups back and forth and Danielson gets the win.

Winner via Pinfall “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson

After the match Bryan Danielson and Andrade El Idolo shake hands, lights go out in the arena and lights go back on and Malakai Blacks takes out Bryan Danielson with a spin kick, BCC head to the ring but lights go out and Black disappears when the lights go back on.

We see a video package featuring Darby Allin and Nick Wayne over what happened on Wednesday.

Match 2 – Singles Match
Skye Blue Vs Hollyhood Haley

Blue with headbutts to Haley, takedown by Blue on Haley, Haley runs at Blue in the corner but Blue escapes and kicks Haley, Running powerbomb on Haley by Skye Blue, Spin Kick takes down Hollyhood Haley for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Skye Blue

Commercial Break

Match 3 – Tag Team Match
The Gunns – Austin and Colten Gunn w/Jay White Vs Outrunner Brothers – Turbo and Titan

Armdrag by Turbo on Colten, Colten with a right hand, Colten with  a kick sending Titan to the outside, then The Gunns drop Turbo with the 3:10 to Yuma for the win.

Winners via Pinfall The Gunns – Austin and Colten Gunn

After the match the lights go out, and the Devil appears and lights go out again and MJF chant stars.

Backstage: Lexy Nair is with Orange Cassidy about defending AEW INternational Championship later tonight on Battle of The Belts and Kris Statlander comes in and says I need to do push ups and uses Lexy Nair to do it.

Dave Brown joins commentary for the next match.

Commercial Break

Match 4 – Memphis Street Fight
Guest Commentator: Dave Brown

Jeff Jarrett Vs ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston

Match starts on the ramp before introductions complete,  Lethal, Singh try and get involved but a low blow to Satnam Singh and kendo shot to Jay Lethal, Jay throws a cooler at Kingston, Kingston regains controls and throws food at Jarrett and then the cooler and then a trash can lid to Jarrett, Jarett with a trash can to Kingston, Jarrett tries to squirt mustard and ketchup at Kingston but Kingston counters it, Karen with rake to the eyes of Kingston then Jay Lethal with a DDT through a table. Kingston is busted open.

Jarrett sends Kingston into wall, then a barbed wire bat shot to Kingston, chair shot by Jarrett to Kingston, trash can shot blocked and reversed by Kingston on Jarrett, Kingston throws trash can at Jarrett, then Kingston is suplexed on a table, then Jarrett with a elbow on Kingston breaks the table. Back in the ring – lead pipe to the knee of Kingston by Jarrett, trash can to the knee of Kingston, trash can to injured knee, chair edge to back of knee of Edge, slap by Jarrett then a Figure 4 by Jeff Jarrett, Kingston reversed figure 4 but Jay Lethal comes in to help but Kingston with a punch and chops to Lethal and Jarrett, Eddie with machine gun chops and then punch to Sonjay Dutt, Karen Jarrett comes in the ring and Dutt is chopped and lands on Karen, then Jay comes in and Lethal Injection is reversed and then Kingston takes out Satnam Singh, and then stroke drop by Jeff Jarrett but Kingston kicks out, Karen Jarrett with slaps and kick to Kingston, then a chokeslam, then a stroke, then a Lethal Injection, then a suplex and another stroke drop for the win

Winners via Pinfall Jeff Jarrett


Backstage: Lexy Nair interviews The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass about match later on Battle of the Belts.

CJ Perry comes out to sit at ringside for next match.

Match 5 – Singles Match
“Redeemer” Miro Vs Action Andretti

Miro backs Andretti in the corner, then punches and kicks to Andretti, dropkick to Miro but he remains standing, Action goes for springboard move but is caught with a chop by Miro, short clothesline by Miro, followed by a 2nd, then sends Andretti into ringpost head first, Miro sends Andretti into the steps and then back in the ring takes him down, then a DDT, Andretti fights back, but Miro takes him down, running uppercut in the corner, punches by Andretti in the corner, Miro low bridges then Action Andretti with rolling senton over the top rope, Andretti climbs top rope for a dive but Miro catches him and tosses him in the middle of the ring, Miro goes for his bear hug GAME OVER but Action Andretti escapes and rollup but only a two count, shotgun dropkick, Andretti with Springboard 450 but a 1 count, Action gets him up but Miro counters it and nails his GAME OVER SUBMISSION for the win.

Winner via Submission “Redeemer” Miro

We are informed this Wednesday on Dynamite Ruby Soho will challenge Hikaru Shida for AEW Women’s World Championship

Commercial break

We see a video package ft Jose, RUSH and IFG members.

Backstage: Eddie Kingston is with medical staff and Eddie says I used to respect you and you are not a man anymore but Jeff Jarrett’s bitch, don’t bring them to our next fight, I will have to beat you down in front of your mom.

Match 6 – Tag Team Match
FTR – Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler Vs Darrien Kingston and Bang Dan Brown

Brown and Wheeler start the match, lights go out in the arena and Malakai Black is in the ring, lights go out and then King, Matthews and Brody King are in the ring and beat down FTR.

No Contest

Commercial break

Jim Ross is introduced for the main event

Match 6 – Tag Team Match for AEW World Tag Team Championship
Challengers: Blackpool Combat Club – Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli Vs Champions: Champions: “Absolute” Ricky Starks and Big Bill

Starks and Yuta start the match, Yuta takes down Starks with a drop kick, and then a chinlock, Bill tagged in and Bill with a toss sends Wheeler in the corner, then Bill chokes Yuta on the ropes, and then chop to Yuta and then Bill sends Yuta over the top and then launches him of the apron into the announce table, Starks tagged in, Starks send Yuta into the security wall on the outside. Big Bill chokes Yuta on the ropes, Starks grabs a microphone and says let’s go Bill. Starks with a side suplex on Wheeler Yuta, Starks walks the rope and chop to Wheeler Yuta, then Big Bill is tagged in, Claudio with a kick, then taunts Claudio, then a two count,

Yuta escapes chops of Big Bill and tags in Claudio, then Claudio mimicks Starks and climbs the rope and does chop then running kick, then Claudio goes for Big Swing but Starks escapes to the outside, then a uppercut to Starks and one to Big Bill, Claudio climbs to the top and does a cross body for a two count, Claudio puts Starks on the top rope, Claudio goes for a suplex but Big Bill holds on Yuta makes the save, then a suplex by Claudio, then a cross face submission on Ricky Starks, Ricky tries to get to rope but Claudio rolls him back in the middle of the ring, Claudio with a low drive upper cut for a two. Blind tag by Big Bill to bring himself into the match, Tornado DDT by Starks then a boot for a two count. Claudio puts Big Bill on his shoulder but can’t keep him up, Wheeler climbs the top rope and nails shotgun dropkick, for a two count. Wheeler with a sleeper on Big Bill but Starks grabs leg and then Big Bill with a side slam. Big Bill with a chokeslam, but Yuta Escapes, then Yuta is hit with Ro Sham Bo but Wheeler escapes. high knee by Wheeler Yuta, Claudio tagged in and boot to Big Bill and then lariant to Starks for a two count. Claudio with a giant swing, and then drop kick by Wheeler Yuta for a two count. Big Bill tries to chokeslam both but is sent to the outside, then Wheeler Yuta climbs to the top but House of Black appear and attack Claudio and Wheeler behind the referees back, Ricky Starks nails Ro Sham Bo on Wheeler Yuta for the win.

Winners via Pinfall and still AEW World Tag Team Champions: Champions: “Absolute” Ricky Starks and Big Bill

After the Match House of Black enter the ring and circle Wheeler Yuta and then attack him till Bryan Danielson comes down to try and make the save, FTR come down to the ring but still a beatdown till music of Jon Moxley hits and a brawl ensues in the ring, Big Bill, Starks and House of Black retreat, Big Rig on Ricky Starks to end Collision.

Please click here for AEW Battle of the Belts VIII Results straight after Collision and visit my sites and

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