Bound For Glory

Oct 21, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight as we cover Impact’s premier event of the year, Bound For Glory.  The show is being held in Chicago, Illinois.  Join us early and often for ongoing coverage.  The main show starts at 8 PM.  The Pre Show begins at 7:30 PM.  Mathew Rewholdt and Tom Hannifan are on the call.  This show is a sell out!

IMPACT World Championship
Alex Shelley (c) vs. Josh Alexander

IMPACT Knockouts World Championship
Trinity (c) vs. Mickie James

IMPACT X-Division Championship
Chris Sabin (c) vs. KENTA

Will Ospreay vs. Mike Bailey

Monster’s Ball
PCO vs. Rhino vs. Moose vs. Steve Maclin

Knockouts Tag Team Championships
MK Ultra (Killer Kelly & Masha Slamovich) (c) vs. Tasha Steelz & Deonna Purrazzo

IMPACT World Tag Team Championships
The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Zachary Wentz) (c) vs. ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey)

Call Your Shot Gauntlet
Competitors TBA

Pre Show 

Traci Brooks enters the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.  We get a video package highlighting her career.  Gail Kim gets to induct her friend.  Traci gives a speech thanking friends, coworkers, and family.

Mike Tenay and Don West are honored next.  We get a nice video package for the two partners.  They are honored for being the iconic voices of TNA Wrestling.  Scott D’Amore inducts the two into the Hall of Fame.  Scott took a long time putting over how much everyone in the back loved them in the company.  Scott calls Mike Tenay one of the greatest commentators in the history of wrestling.  Scott put over Don just as much.  Mike Tenay thanks everyone paying tribute to his late friend, Don West.  He also thanks the fans for his warm welcome.  Mike spent several minutes telling everyone what a wonderful person his partner was.  He also told some fun stories of his entire career.  He brought up Bobby Heenan, and told some fun stories about his former cohost in WCW.  He thanked too many people to count.  He also thanked his family.  He was funny and charming as always.

Bound For Glory

Match 1.  X Division Champion, Chris Sabin VS KENTA

Kenta enters last in full Bullet Club gear.  Sabin is in the midst of his 10th reign as X Division Champion.  The sold out crowd is hot for this opening match.  The two shoulder each other and throw hands until Kenta punts Sabin to the mat.  Sabin slips to the floor and uses his educated feet and eventually an apron dive to take down Kenta on the floor.  Back in the ring, Sabin delivers a crossbody.  This is the first singles match between the two.  Sabin misses another dive to the floor.  Kenta uses the error to this advantage and throws him into the apron and barricade.  We get dueling fan chants next.  Kenta is already bleeding a bit from the mouth, but his is working the advantage now.  Back in the ring, Kenta goes to a series of submission holds, a headlock, sleeper and back to the headlock on the mat.  Sabin punches himself to his feet.  They slug it out until Sabin dropkicks Kenta.  They are both slow to their feet.  Sabin lands another dropkick off the top after pushing Kenta down.  Sabin then drops Kenta with a tornado DDT.  Kenta fights back and hits a tornado DDT of his own.  Sabin then gets his shoulder rammed to the post.  Kenta follows that up with a draping DDT.  He follows up with basement dropkick in the corner.  Sabin avoids a stomp and delivers a step up kick to the face.  Kenta school boys Sabin, but gets caught with his feet on the ropes.  He then delivers another DDT.  After a double stomp, he gets a two count.  Kenta mocks CM Punk, but Sabin blocks the GTS.  He then missile drop kicks Kenta in the back of the head.  He then lariats him.  Cradle Shock and it is over.  Great match.

Winner, X Division Champion, Chris Sabin

Match 2.  Monster’s Ball Match.  PCO vs. Rhino vs. Moose vs. Steve Maclin

All 4 fighters have been locked up for 24 hours in darkness prior to the match.  Maclin attacks Rhino, who is then attacked by Moose, while walking down the ramp.  The three brawl around the ring.  The lights go out and lightning strikes, PCO enters.  He and Moose go at it first, then he lariats Maclin to the floor from the ring.  Moose backdrops PCO from the ring to a draped ladder on the floor.  The ladder breaks from his stiff fall.  Maclin hits Rhino and Moose with a garbage can repeatedly.  PCO recovers to make it just a four way brawl all over the arena. Chairs are used a lot.  Maclin hits himself with a chair after missing PCO and the chair bounced off the ropes back in his face.  PCO then delivers a lung blower to Maclin.  Then a he legdrops him from the top.  He then crushes Maclin with a D’animator.  PCO then fetches a black bag, but Moose hits him with a can lid from behind.  Moose sidewalk slams PCO twice, but PCO has to be thrown to the floor to stay down.  Moose gets the bag, which is tacks.  He throws it on a bed of concrete blocks and powerbombs PCO on it.  Maclin gets speared by Maclin.  Rhino is back and takes out Maclin.  Rhino asks the fans if he wants tables.  He smiles as the chant starts.  He pulls out a table, but it is covered in barbed wire.  Maclin recovers and rams his head into the post.  He then uses a chair on Rhino’s leg.  The table is set up on the floor.  Bully Ray enters.  He cuts off Maclin on the top rope and shoves him off the top rope threw the table full of barbed wire.  He walks up to Maclin and asks him who is soft now.  PCO has returned and goes at it with Moose in the ring.  He has tacks all over his body.  Moose then grabs a chair and smashes PCO’s back with the tacks on it.  Rhino spears Moose, but hits the chair.  They both go down.  PCO moonsaults them both and gets the pin.

Winner.  PCO

Mickie James is interviewed by Gia Miller next.  Mickie mentions she never lost her title, but tonight she is facing her friend, Trinity. They have never fought each other.  Mickie says the best woman will win.

Match 3.  World Tag Team Champions, The Rascalz (Zachary Wentz and Trey Miguel) VS ABC (Bullet Club, Ace Austin and Chris Bey)

This match has the fans on their feet.  These two teams can go.  The BC get the early advantage after a double team on Miguel.  Trey and Ace end up in the ring briefly, but Wentz tags in and they double team Ace.  The crowd is firmly behind the ABC.  The pace is super fast.  Wentz keeps control and the ref gets distracted allowing Trey to hit a jumping neckbreaker on Austin on the apron.  That was nasty.  Ace  has to fight back on his own, because they take out Bey on the apron.  Ace throws Trey to the floor.  Wentz tries to help him, but they get summersaulted on by Ace.  Bey recovers and tags in.  He double DDTs the champs himself.  He gets a two on Wentz off a brainbuster.  Ace enters with Bey, they miss the 1 too sweet.  Trey and Wentz double team Ace in the ring and dive on Bey on the floor.  The fans love the moves and applaud the heels out of respect.  The moves are incredible in this spotfest.  Trey hits a metoria, but Bey dives from the top and makes the save.  Wentz sprays his partners eyes with paint.  We get a Too Sweet and it is over.

Winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions, The ABC

Match 4.  Will Ospreay VS Speedball Mike Bailey

Bailey offers very unique offense.  He is a martial artist, but also a high flyer.  Ospreay is arguably the best wrestler in the world and is the IWGP US(UK) Champion.  The crowd starts with a Holy BLANK chant.  Will and Bailey tear into each other.  The two trade amazing thrust kicks and chops.  Bailey dives on the floor on Will with a moonsault.  The planchas and dives are just a little higher when these two deliver them.  They continue to trade breathtaking moves.  Will delivers a massive backbreaker.  He then locks on the abdominal stretch.  Bailey escapes and lays in some side kicks.  Ospreay returns with a chop that sails Bailey to the floor.  Will goes to the air on the floor, Bailey jumps over him and bounces the ropes from the apron and moonsaults him.  That was an insane exchange.  Bailey places Will on the top and follows him.  He rannas him to the floor.  Ospreay avoids some kicks and then goes on a offensive kick display that I won’t attempt to describe.  WOW.  After a forearm drive from the top rope, Will gets a two count.  Ospreay continues with chilling kicks.  Bailey reverses a go behind and machine kicks Osprey to the apron.  Osprey kicks him to the post and delivers an Oscutter.  Bailey beats the count back in, but Will hits another Oscutter.  Bailey kicks out at two.  He misses a hidden blade, because Bailey collapsed.  Ospreay starts toying with him.  He helps Bailey up, just to forearm him down.  Bailey gets up slowly.  Bailey eats another forearm.  They start trading punches and kicks.  This is like a haymaker kick fest.  They both go down.  That was an incredible sequence.  This is up for match of the year in Impact.  Bailey double knees Ospreay, who was going for another Oscutter.  Ultimate Weapon… Ospreay kicks out after a long two count.  The place is going crazy at this point.  They square off and run to each other and perform stuff I can’t try to call.  They end up on the top.  Bailey hits a fisherman’s buster off the top.  Ospreay kicks out at two.  How?  He looked like he killed Ospreay.  Tornado kick by Bailey.  Ospreay reverses a flamingo driver and turns it into a Styles Clash.  Bailey kicks out of the and a storm driver.  Ospreay pulls off the elbow pad.  He delivers the blade and storm breaker.  It is over.  That was one of the best matches I’ve seen in a long time.  Well done.

Winner by pinfall.  Will Ospreay

Match 5.  Call Your Shot Gauntlet

This is a hybrid Royal Rumble match.  Jake Something and Eddie Edwards (with Alicia) start the match.  They brawl with chops.  After shouldering Eddie to the mat, Jake delivers a  slam.  The crowd is collectively taking a breath after the last match, but they start the countdown to the next person and Kenny King enters (with Sheldon Jean).  Eddie and King seem to join forces to team up on Something.  Juventud Guerrera enters as a surprise entrant next.  He takes out King and Eddie.  Jean interferes and King jumps Juice.  Johnny Swinger enters next and he wants Kenny King.  King attacks him though.  Juices scissors King and then lariats him to the floor.  King is gone.  Crazzy Steve is not in the match, but hits Swinger with a suitcase.  Gisele Shaw enters with Savanah Evans and Jai Vidal.  Security removes Steve.  Shaw dumps Steve to the floor.  Steve returns with a fork going after Swinger.  Tommy Dreamer enters and he and Steve brawl to the back.  Jody Threat enters.  She and Shaw brawl.  KiLynn King is next in.  She goes right after Jody Threat.  Juventud is tossed by Eddie Edwards.  Out comes Sonny Kiss.  Kiss goes right after Shaw.  Kiss presses Shaw and he throws her to the floor.  Bully Ray won last years match.  He walks straight to Sunny.  They have a different exchange.. A dance off.  Matt Cardona, the Indy God enters next.  Bully trips him up and he and Sunny give the What’s up to Cardona.  Jordynne Grace enters.  She and Bully Ray start arguing.  Eddie jumps Bully from behind.  Eddie then pokes Bully’s eyes.  Fights are going on everywhere when in comes Eric Young.  He goes for Eddie and then Cardona.  He piledrives the Indy God.  EY removes Eddie from the match.  Joe Hendry comes out next.  The fans love him and sing his song.   They boo when his song doesn’t finish playing.  Brian Myers is in next.   Hendry is eliminated by Myers.  The Major Players hug and eliminate Sunny Kiss.  Heath joins the match.  He gives a couple wake up calls, but Myers sneaks behind and toss him.  Frankie Kazarian is out next.  Can he win this for his HOF wife?  Kaz almost gets Cardona, but Myers makes the save.  Rich Swann runs in next.  He kicks the Major Players several times.  Jonathan Gresham enters.  Jody Threat is eliminated.  Dirty Dango enters with Oleg and Alpha Bravo.  Something eliminates Dango immediately.  Oleg goes bezerk.  He isn’t in the match.  The Major Players dump Kaz.  Gresham is trying to eliminate his wife, Grace.  Now they are teaming to get rid of King.  Myers eliminates Swann next.  The Major Players eliminate EY.  Something eliminates Gresham.  Something suplexes Cardona and Myers together.  He then spears Myers and delivers into the void on him.  Myers crotches him, saving Cardona.  They then toss Something.  Cardona then tosses his partner, Myers.  Brian is pissed obviously.  His back was turned.  King and Cardona are eliminated.  Grace and Bully are left.  Now it is a pinfall or submission match.  Grace tries to punch Bully.  That doesn’t work.  Bully chops her to the floor a few times.  He then kicks her.  He misses a senton.  Grace delivers a back elbow.  He then takes her down again with brute force.  Grace won’t give up and back elbows him and gives bully a Grace Driver.. It is over.

Winner.  Jordynne Grace.  She will get a championship match of her choosing.

Grace cuts a promo saying she loves making history.  She wants the Knockouts World Championship at Hard To Kill. 

Match 6.  Knockouts World Champion, Trinity VS Mickie James

These longtime friends will meet for the first time for the biggest prize in Impacts women’s division.  They trade arm twists and takedowns.  They lock up next, collar and elbow.  This leads to trading of headlocks.  Neither gain an advantage.  They are smiling at each other.  Trinity went for a backslide and went for star struck, but James reverses it into a head scissors.  They untangle and move to a test of strength.  James trips Trinity into a pin attempt.  Trinity bridges out.  They bounce the ropes and James goes down with a shoulder and Trinity follows with a split drop.  James wrestles to her feet and uses a few kicks.  The match is getting more stiff.  Trinity tries to shake hands, but James pulls her into a arm drag.  Trinity follows up with a standing ranna.  The two start trading haymakers.  They then both go for standing lariats and then hit a crossbody on each other.  They tumble to the floor.  They both beat the 10 count back in the ring.  They start brawling with forearms.  Trinity hits a rear view off the ropes.  James gets a little revenge with a senton off the top rope.  She also mocks Trinity sexually.  Trinity hits a split legged moonsault.  Mickie delivers a Mick kick for a two count.  Trinity locks her legs around James out of a sit out slam and rolls her around for a series of failed pin attempts.  James recovers and DDTs Trinity for a long two count.  Trinity goes for a X factor, but misses badly.  James hits a rope assisted piledriver.  Trinity looks to be half knocked silly, but Trinity head scissors her to the mat and turns it into star struck.  James taps.

Winner and still Champion, Trinity.  Mickie James must retire.  They hug and show respect post match.  

Moose is interviewed backstage.  He shows his briefcase, giving him a title match.  He will cash in at Hard To Kill for the World Title.

Main Event.  Impact World Champion, Alex Shelley VS Josh Alexander

Josh is a two time champion and he is back to regain the belt he never lost.  Shelley is now the champion.  He is a bitter champion over the way Alexander seems to given the spotlight over him.  He wants revenge by beating him.

Shelley and Josh wrestle scientifically to start the match.  Neither gain an advantage, but Shelley is the aggressor.  They both try to put on finishers right away, but neither are successful.  Shelley has started picking apart the left arm of Alexander.  So far this is the story of the match.  He even wrenches the arm and joint manipulates the finger.  Josh gets to his feet, but is chopped hard.  Josh eats a kick, but delivers a chop that drops the champion.  They start throwing haymakers at each other.  Josh pulls back.  He needs a minute, but comes out of his corner with a pumpkick.  After a backbreaker, Shelley kicks out at a 1 count.  Shelley flips Josh to apron and neckbreakers him off the rope.  He then backdrops Alex on the floor.  Shelley then throws Alexander, left arm first, into the post repeatedly.  Then then starts twisting the arm around the post.  He goes for the arm again and Josh pulls hard, forcing Shelley’s face into the post.  Josh and Shelley brawl on the floor, but Shelley chops the post, missing the challenger.  Now his arm is hurt.  Josh then figure fours Shelley around the post to the floor, ala Bret Hart.  Back in the ring, the turnbuckle cover is tore off.  Shelley blocks a suplex and kicks Josh in the jaw.  Shelley locks on the Border City Stretch, but Josh gets to the ropes.  Shelley stays on the arm, but Josh chops himself free.  Shelley hits a corkscrew suplex/neckbreaker.  Shelley goes to some headlock type holds.  Josh breaks free and chops Shelley down once again.  They bounce the ropes, until Alex delivers a belly to belly.  Shelley is backed into the corner.  He pulls in Josh and faceplants him into the second turnbuckle.  Shelley hits a sliced bread, but Josh counters with a German.  Both are slow to get to their feet.  Shelley blocks a C4.  They tangle up in the ropes.  Josh dragon screws Shelley threw the ropes.  Shelley rolls to the floor and shell shocks Josh into the barricade.  He follows up with a sliced bread on the floor.  Shelley hits a frog splash in the ring and floats to a Border City Stretch.  Josh reverses it to an ankle lock.  Shelley reverses to a Indian Death lock.  Shelley stands over him and knocks the head gear off Josh’s head.  The two get to their feet and they trade blows.  They counter finishers until Shelley plants Alex with a shell shock.  He follows up with a superkick.  He then hits another shell shock and it is over.

Winner and still World Champion,  ALEX SHELLEY.  Great match.

Interesting, I would say the champ was the underdog.  This is great for Shelley.  They embrace.  Josh puts the belt around the waist of Shelley.  The show ends.  Great show… or does it end.

We get a video promoting TNA.  TNA Hard To Kill will be the next PPV.  Back in the ring, the crew is in the listening to the fans chant TNA.  The show ends.


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