Kevin Sullivan on Tony Khan’s tweets: “Don’t poke a sleeping dog”

Oct 19, 2023 - by James Walsh

During the most recent installment of Tuesday with The Taskmaster, Kevin Sullivan, a former WCW wrestler and booker, weighed in on Tony Khan’s recent social media jabs at WWE. Here are some key takeaways (via

Sullivan on the potential repercussions of Tony Khan’s remarks about WWE:]

“I think he wants to defeat them [WWE] intensely, which isn’t necessarily a negative, but you can’t make such claims… It’s like someone with a glaring issue saying, ‘I have this major problem, but hey look at that small issue with Paul over there.’ It’s a classic diversion tactic. You bring it up to shift the focus away from yourself.”

On Khan highlighting that neither The Undertaker nor John Cena attracted a million viewers:

“Why draw attention to the fact that they [John Cena, Undertaker] couldn’t pull in a million viewers… We’ve all heard the adage, ‘Don’t poke a sleeping dog.'”

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