Impact Report, 10/19/2023

Oct 19, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for results from the most recent episode from Impact Wrestling.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are once again on the call.  Coverage begins at 830pm.

  • * No Disqualification: Crazzy Steve vs. Black Taurus
  • * Trinity & Mickie James vs. Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans
  • * Mike Bailey vs. Samuray del Sol
  • * Rhino & PCO vs. Moose & Brian Myers
  • * Kenny King vs. Heath

We start off with a highlight package from last week’s show.  Everything is setting up for Bound For Glory!  Tonight is the go home show before the big PPV.  The main event will be World Champion, Alex Shelley VS former Champion, Josh Alexander.

Match 1.  Mike Bailey VS Samuray Del Sol

This is a friendly battle between two fan favorites.  The match starts with a lucha feel, arm drags, and dragon leg sweeps.  The two had a bad cross in the ropes and they both were angry from the exchange.  Del Sol refused a hand shake after.  Bailey is taken out to the floor and Sol moonsaults on him.  Back in the ring, Sol gets a two count.  Bailey recovers and delivers the machine gun kicks to the solar plexus.  The two then have a series of high spots with both ending up on the floor.  Del Sol and Bailey end up kicking each other at the same time.  Both get to their feet and reset the 10 count.  They end up kicking each other on the apron.  Del Sol wins the kicks exchange, but gets caught on the top rope, where he is kicked to the floor.  Bailey then moonsaults from the top to the floor on Del Sol.  Bailey gets caught trying a ultimate weapon.  Del Sol reverses a ranna into a driver off the top for a two count.  Bailey gets a two after a backslide.  Bailey eats a pump kick, but delivers one of his own in return.  Ultimate weapon and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Mike Bailey

Dango, Oleg and Alpha Bravo have a vignette his Call your shot match at BFG.  Dango is hilarious.

The ABC cut a promo backstage.  They have a match with Tag Champs, The Rascalz at BFG. 

Match 2.  Kenny King (with Sheldon Jean) VS Heath

This feud has been building for weeks.  Heath interfered on the behalf of Tommy Dreamer, when he won the Digital Media Championship, over King.  This starts off as a brawl with the two going at it on the floor.   King gets the worse of it and Heath takes out Jean just for trying to talk smack.  As Heath has his back turned, King manages to land a strike, but Heath stays on the advantage and suplexes him from the apron to the ring.  They immediately brawl back to the floor and Heath rolls his ankle on the fall.  He can’t get to his feet.  Jean starts trying to revive King.  They both beat the count back in the ring, but King goes right back on the attack on his new target.  King is vicious in his attack and grinds and twists on the ankle, along with a few stomps.  Heath fights back, but can’t stand, but King can’t put him away yet.  The two eventually collide off the ropes, basically Heath stood up, bounced and fell on King.  Heath somehow knees King and powerslams him next.  Heath hits a spinebuster and is gaining momentum, but can’t finish King.  Jean interferes, King connects with a tornado kick and royal flush and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Kenny King

We get a backstage promo from last week with Frankie Kazarian,  fresh off his win over Eddie Edwards.  He asks Eddie for respect and tells him he loves him.  He says they will be better now and must join forces.

Match 3.  NO DQ.  Black Taurus VS Crazzy Steve

Steve tries to run from Taurus, but he can’t get away.  Taurus drops Steve with a chin breaker.  He then grabs a chair.  Steve dodges it and uses dropped chair on Taurus.  They are on the floor.  Steve goes on the hunt for more weapons.  He gets more chairs, which he uses repeatedly.  He sets a several up facing each other, before leg sweeping Taurus into the apron.  He then smashes his head with a garbage can.  Taurus blocks a suplex and throws Steve on a stack of chairs.  He then lariats him twice.  Steve trips Taurus on a can.  Steve then plants Taurus with a head scissor takedown.  Taurus kicks out at a long two.  Steve loves he kicked out sadistically.  Steve then backdrops Taurus on the piled chairs from the ring to the floor.  Taurus took a really bad fall.  Steve pulls out another fork.  Taurus blocks the stabbing.  The two struggle for the fork.  Steve pleads for forgiveness, but it is all for show.  He hits the belladonna’s kiss.  It is over.

Winner, Crazzy Steve

We get a Call Your Shot Gauntlet match vignette.

We get a Mickie James and Trinity promo about their tag match tonight.  They will face each other at BFG.

Match 4.  Rhino & PCO vs. Moose & Brian Myers

Myers and Rhino start the match.  Brian doesn’t look happy.  Rhino tosses him around to, “Rhino’s gonna kill you” chants.  Myers cannot sustain any offense for the mins they were going at it and PCO tags in.  Myers runs to tag in Moose.  The two shoulder each other.  Moose then pokes the eyes.  Moose lays in a chop and PCO invites more, but responds in kind.  PCO takes down Moose and then picks him up to leg sweep and headbutt him.  PCO tags Rhino.  They manage a double team, but Moose fights back.  Rhino counters with repeated head thrusts of Moose’s head to the turnbuckle.  Moose finally tumbles to the mat and floor.  He continues using Moose’s head on the apron.  Myers attacks Rhino and Moose recovers.  After a quick break, Myers is in and in control.  He  Russian leg sweeps Rhino and tags Moose back in.  Moose drapes Rhino over the ropes and chokes him.  After that he goes to the ground and pound.  He fails to suplex Rhino, but eats a suplex instead.  PCO and Myers tag in.  PCO DDTs Myers.  He then delivers a lung blower.  After a 2nd rope legdrop, Moose has to make the save on a pin attempt on Myers.  PCO takes out Moose.  He then lands a reverse DDT.  PCO goes for a moonsault.  Moose moves Myers, PCO lands hard.  Rhino belly to bellies Moose.  Steve Maclin crotches Rhino.  Bully Ray runs out and stops Maclin from going after Rhino further.  Moose spears PCO and pins him.

Winners.  Myers and Moose

Bully actually tried to make the save.  That is the story.

Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly have a vignette about being tag champs.

We get a vignette for the match between Speedball Mike Bailey and Will Osprey.  

Rhino confronts Bully Ray backstage.  He says he doesn’t need his help.  Bully accepts his fate, but looks depressed.

Scott D’Amore moderates a separate room interview between Alex Shelley and Josh Alexander.  World Champion, Shelley is annoyed D’Amore questions the challenger first.  Shelley is annoyed he isn’t seen as the face of the company.  Shelley cuts a nice promo here.  He speaks the truth, even though he might be the heal in this match.  He looks strong in this promo.  Josh tries to accuse the champ of being scared.  Shelley walks off in disgust, but finds Josh backstage in another room and attacks him.  D’Amore runs in to protect Josh.

Main Event. Trinity & Mickie James vs. Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans (with Jai Vidal)

Trinity will defend her Knockouts World Title at BFG, but she will team with her challenger tonight.  James and Evans start the match.  Trinity helps out and they double team the much larger foe.   Trinity then mounts the turnbuckle and lays in some punches.  Shaw interferes and Evans tosses Trinity off the 2nd rope.  Mickie tags in, as does Shaw.  She works over Shaw, with knee strikes.  Shaw rakes the eyes, but James delivers a neck breaker.  James mares Shaw and tags in Trinity.  Trinity scissors and legdrops Shaw.  Trinity then splashes Shaw and Vidal on the floor.  Evans interferes.  Shaw takes out Trinity and Evans tags in.  They work her over in the corner.  They then double suplex the champ.  Trinity counters Shaw with a kick to the head.  Shaw knocks James from the apron.  Evans goes on the attack of Trinity while the ref was confused.  Evans tags in and legdrops Trinity.  Shaw and Evans trade quick tags with high impact offense in their corner.  Trinity escapes and tags, but the ref didn’t see it.  Mickie is losing her cool.  Shaw and Evans gloat to the fans at ringside.  Trinity takes out Shaw and Evans.  Mickie gets the hot tag.  James comes in with several lariats.  She then flapjacks Shaw.  She goes to the top.  After a senton, Evans has to make the save on the pin.  Evans tags in after stopping James momentum.  Shaw and Evans double team James.  Trinity then takes out Evans with a face plant.  Mickie DDTs Evans.  It is over.

Winners by pinfall, Mickie James and Trinity

Mickie grabs the belt and glares at it to end the show.

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