CJ Perry: “I Want To Help Make Champions”

Oct 19, 2023 - by James Walsh

CJ Perry is ready to make an impact in AEW.

The former WWE superstar spoke about her venture to a new promotion during a recent interview with Fightful, where she vowed to help make a champion out of whoever she decides to manage.

I want to help make champions. I am launching a management company. I am scouting for the next champion. I am really happy for Miro the Redeemer, who is on his path right now to overcome all his temptations and find God or not find God. I’m not exactly sure. However, I am on my own path and that is to find wrestling stars that are going to become champions and trailblazers, and help them be the best version of themselves.

Perry later adds that she will work very hard or her clients, adding that it will help the competitive relationship she had with her husband, the Redeemer Miro.

I think I do that very well. There is gonna be no one who hustles more than me for my clients and I’m really excited about that. Stay tuned, guys. The thing about Miro and I living in the same household, we’re both very competitive. I’m a little nervous. Both of us don’t like to lose.

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