Mistico to appear on AEW TV next week to kick off AEW/CMLL collab

Oct 14, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW and CMLL have announced a collaboration between the two which will see Mistico participate in an AEW match next week on Rampage.

Mistico will be taking on Rocky Romero and the match will be taped on Wednesday night, airing two days later on Rampage on TNT.

A CMLL release said that they hope that this exciting match marks the beginning of a new era between two of the largest wrestling companies in the world.

“This collaboration between CMLL and All Elite Wrestling not only seeks to provide fans with a unique experience, but also to promote the growth and promotion of Lucha Libre around the world, as both companies share a common vision of bringing this sport to new horizons and are excited to explore future opportunities together,” CMLL said.

AEW President Tony Khan met with CMLL officials and also wrote that it was a great honor to meet them and hopes next week’s match is just the beginning.

Mistico is the current NWA World Historic Middleweight champion. He also wrestled for WWE under the name of Sin Cara (the original one).

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