Tony Khan takes shot at Cena and Undertaker for failing to draw a million on NXT

Oct 12, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

AEW President Tony Khan is still not over Dynamite’s defeat to NXT on Tuesday on his birthday and continued to be salty on X.

In a message posted today, Khan said that this week, two active decades-long rating streaks from two great legends were ended.

“With all due respect, until this week’s head-to-head AEW on TBS vs WWE on USA, neither John Cena nor Undertaker had ever been on a WWE show with under 1 million total viewers + under 400k in the demo,” Khan said.

This comes on the heels of NXT beating Dynamite 921,000 to 609,000 viewers on Tuesday night.

Khan also took another shot at Vince McMahon after a user replied that “Vince has the power and influence to take them cheap shots” and that “he’s earned the right to make them,” and called Tony Khan the Temu version of Vince McMahon.

“Yes. Vince has allegedly used his power and influence to shoot a lot of shots,” replied Khan, obviously referring to the many sexcapades Vince had over the years.

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  1. Woooo! says:

    Honestly, it sounds like you’re very much acting just like Luke, and that’s not going to help your involvement in this discussion.

    You say that, after comparing my words to WrestleFan’s, you can’t tell he & I apart, that you sense similarity between us? Well then, you ever end up in a relationship, or even become a member of some group (regardless of interest), you’re soon going to find out that people of similar mindsets/ideals/beliefs do tend to come off similar. As WrestleFan pointed out, spend a day with hardcore Christians, or even die-hard rightists, and you’ll soon realize you can’t tell who’s the source of their thinking & who’s just following along.

    And, as WrestleFan pointed out, should it be then that you, DB, & Luke face accusations of being the same person, just under different names? The fact that you would back up Luke’s baseless allegation that WrestleFan & myself are the same person goes to show you don’t understand how people are when they believe in the same thing.

    But, you know; in the long run, despite whatever myself & WrestleFan come across/up against, we are of a determined mindset to keep on going & stand up for what we believe in.

    So, believe in what you want, Luke under a different name. Words may provide for a temporary obstruction, but over time, actions are what proves to be long-lasting.

  2. Joseph says:

    @WrestleFan – Not supporting anyone’s delusions. Truth is I don’t agree with Luke completely and I don’t disagree with you completely. The reason I said I can see why Luke says you and Woooo! are the same person is the use of hopelessly and the use of open and closed parenthesis.

  3. WrestleFan says:

    Well, thank you for admitting you’re not supporting anyone’s delusions by pointing out you’re in fact supporting someone’s delusions.

    But, in the end, much like what Wooo! did in another thread on here, just to handicap what diminishing defense Luke has, I’ll entertain as well the stupidity that Wooo! & I are the same person.

    What I wonder is how Luke will continue ignoring facts & reality in favor of him trying his best not to end up fully looking stupid.

  4. Luke says:

    “What I wonder is how Luke will continue ignoring facts & reality (…)”
    So after being soundly defeated (that’s the way it works, right? You declare yourself the winner so you win?) and ignoring every point of that defeat you post that? You didn’t really think that one through, did you?

  5. WrestleFan says:

    Again, engaging in projection. Well, in that case, I can thank you for proving my point exactly. You have NO legit defense left, so you just grasp at straws & engage in word salad in the hopes that it makes you look smart.

    And, Wooo! has already proven even that fails, so much like in the other thread, eventually, another third party will have to get involved & convince/push you to stop reacting so the debate finally gets to some end.

    And, again, you can’t handle it that someone (Wooo!) who wasn’t involved in the debate from the beginning once again managed to see right through the act you’re trying to engage in/put up.

    Honestly, no wonder you remind me so much of DB; you have the same defense for wrestling that he has for politics. And, that’s why I’m thinking you’re probably him under some fictitious name.
    If anything, maybe that’s why you seem to insanely believe that myself & Wooo! are the same person; you’re probably engaging in the very thing you’re accusing someone else of.

    And now, time to wait & see you try to rebut my argument with another insane word salad & make my point even further to everyone that you’ve got nothing left in the tank, you’re always trying to get back up when you should just stay down, & you just don’t want to admit to it.

    So, fine, believe whatever garbage you want. Believe in your delusion that myself & Wooo! are the same person. Believe that your non-sense filled word salads prove you’re the better person.
    For the second time now, I’m going to end my involvement in this situation, and watch as Wooo! once again does whatever’s necessary for another third party to come in and gets you to stop so this thing come to some kind of end.

  6. Luke says:

    What argument? This is just more of “Look people, I’m so awesome. Please look…” Not a single fact in there. But fine, bring on the alter ego, whatever floats your boat.

  7. Woooo! says:

    So, once again, I’m having to come in after WrestleFan has left the conversation for good, and once again, having to expose to everyone just how blind you are of how you come off to sane people.

    The fact you have to stoop so low as to make some ridiculous allegation about myself & WrestleFan being the same person, just to save your own integrity, to a degree, you’re trying to grasp at anything you can. You’re essentially grasping at straws in a last-ditch effort to save what extremely little is left of your diminished, crippled defense. The last time I decided to entertain your little conspiracy theory, that’s probably what caused that other third party to eventually interject & have to pump up the vanity in your ego because they felt so sorry watching you get your keister handed to you on a silver platter.

    You didn’t succeed the last time you did. In fact, another third party had to eventually come in & pump up the vanity in your ego because you couldn’t stand the fact that you’re actually nothing like the charade you try to engage in.

    Why you insist on engaging in such abnormally socially-destructive behavior is beyond my understanding.

    So, I suppose at this time, maybe the person from the other thread needs to come in here now & do their job again & convince you to end your pointless delusions.

    You have got to be one of the more interestingly socially-ignorant people I’ve ever come across.

    But, whatever. At this point, I think it’s just better off for me to take a page out of WrestleFan’s playbook, put an end to this waste of my time, let you believe you’ve won so maybe you decide to leave, so that the other people checking out the article above (the real reason people come here) don’t have to end up suffering through your tirade of nonsense.

    So, congrats, you won an internet debate. You feel happy? You want a cookie? In the end, thank you for letting everyone know just how empty-headed & full of nonsense you are.

  8. Luke says:

    Remember the thousand character limit? Exceed it, I’m not reading. Still applies. So again, congrats, time well spent.

  9. DB says:

    *Puts down the popcorn*

    I’d like to politely point out that I am my own man and am not connected to any other poster on here. However, it does give me some satisfaction to know that I am in the thoughts of others, especially my biggest fan who always wants to leave a warped, opinionated reply to my posts regarding societal issues. At the very least, these discussions help increase traffic to this underrated website we all love.

    *Grabs some more popcorn*

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