Arn Anderson on Ric Flair having a fiery comeback and style

Oct 11, 2023 - by James Walsh

Arn Anderson gave his thoughts on various topics on his latest ARN show.

During it, the WWE Hall Of Famer talked about Ric Flair and more. Here are the highlights:

On having three members of The Four Horsemen and not changing the name:

“Well, when I look back on it, the same theory was prevalent at that time. It was more about protecting Ric than anything else, other than having him just stand alone. Let’s face it, he made a lot of enemies. He would have been picked off by a lot of guys had he not had a support system around him. That’s just reality. We pissed a lot of people off. We made a lot of enemies. There’s no doubt about that. And to have me willing to just step back into the role that I’d always had his back was probably a better fix for him. And it gave the Horsemen a lot more stroke, I think than if we all just would have gone our separate ways, you know?”

On Ric Flair having a fiery comeback and style:

“When people in the know who have been around and are respected in this business say that Ric Flair was the greatest wrestler of all time, it’s because of things like that. It’s because of that fiery comeback. It was just him doing what he’s doing. Punching, chopping, kicking. But he’s doing it to all the bad guys. And that’s the only thing that he changes. He doesn’t change his style. And part of that style was he was just when he got a hot tag man, he was on fire.”

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