Hiroshi Tanahashi foresees the close of his in-ring career approaching

Oct 9, 2023 - by James Walsh

At 46 years old and with over two decades in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, Hiroshi Tanahashi has had a storied career, including eight IWGP Heavyweight Championships under his belt.

In a recent interview with Number Web, while promoting the newly released Antonio Inoki biopic, Tanahashi confided that he believes the curtain is about to fall on his active wrestling career.

“The end of my active career is in sight. So before the Coronavirus outbreak, I think I could have retired with peace of mind thinking, New Japan is fine now and I’ve done my best. New Japan Pro-Wrestling, which had a lot of excitement, has once again been forced to struggle due to factors other than themselves, such as the Coronavirus, so we want to make it exciting once again…”

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