Bruce Prichard Reveals Why Batista Replaced Mark Jindrak In Evolution

Oct 7, 2023 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: Photo credit: James Hider

Bruce Prichard, recently speaking on “Something to Wrestle With,” touched on perhaps one of the most discussed topics in professional wrestling – why Batista replaced Mark Jindrak in Evolution.

While Jindrak was never officially a part of the group, he was planned to be for the longest time, even having filmed vignettes for the faction. These plans were ultimately scrapped, and Batista was chosen over him. Why? Well. that has always remained a matter of contention.

Nonetheless, here’s Prichard’s take,

“Yeah, look, Jindrak being in the group was for the same reasons that Batista ended up in the group. The only difference was the feeling among everyone in the group, but also everyone else, was who had it. Who truly had the potential to be the next big thing? I think in each opportunity, Mark [Jindrak] didn’t really display that. I don’t know that Mark had the killer instinct in him, Dave did.”

Elaborating on the chemistry aspect of the decision, Prichard continued,

“It was also a matter of how those guys worked together. Dave had worked with Ric before, so there was already a bond there. I think Mark was kind of the odd man out that didn’t seem to fit. So it was quickly changed and I also think it was one of those situations where, how do guys gel? If you don’t gel, it ain’t gonna work. I don’t think that Mark really gelled with the other three. Dave, immediately did.”

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