Bobby Lashley on Jade Cargill coming to WWE, AEW star suffers a concussion

Oct 5, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

While speaking on 100.7 The Bay, Bobby Lashley revealed that he would like to add Jade Cargill into his new WWE faction.

He said:

“It’s a big signing for WWE because she made a huge splash in wrestling years back with AEW. Her coming over just shows the levels. She wanted to get there, that was the next level for her, which is a great deal. Her coming over, there are only a few places I would put her.

I know there is a group putting themselves together right now and if that group had a female component to it, I think that group would be even stronger. I might have to give her a call and see what her plans are, but I think she does fit really well with our group if that was an opportunity. Wherever she goes, I know she’s going to be a big star.”

– Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio:

Sammy (Guevara) got a concussion on the pay-per-view, is what happened.

So he’s out until… it’s a concussion story – could be next week, could be… who knows. But yeah, he’s out.”

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