Notes from Tony Khan’s WrestleDream media call: NJPW rumor, Wardlow’s status, RVD, more

Sep 26, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

– When asked about next TV rights negotiations, Tony Khan says that he’s loyal to WBD. Mentions FOX as a great place for sports and wrestling, but he’d like to keep AEW at WBD forever. Would probably take “a penny or two less” to stay with WBD and he appreciates everything they have done for AEW.

– On Wardlow’s status, Khan says he’s been a great star for the company and he is a very big fan. Says he will surely be back on AEW TV when the time is right.

– When asked about the new ROH Champions appearing on Ring of Honor TV… Khan said you would see them on the ROH programming on HonorClub!

– Khan confirms that Adam Cole/MJF have sold an “Ungodly” amount of merchandise for the Better Than You BayBay team!

– Khan said they would love to have Rob Van Dam back anytime he is available and when it makes sense.

– Khan said he’s never said they will move to one PPV a month, but if there’s ever a time to add a show like WrestleDream, it’s now. He feels their last three PPVs is best run of three consecutive PPVs they have ever done. He is open to more AEW events on a streamer

– Asked about the rumors of him buying NJPW and the ‘end of an era’, Khan was surprised to see the speculation and says they have been a great partner. He’s glad people are talking about that, but doesn’t directly answer the question about what his comments mean. Asked again about his comments, Khan joked he has no intentions of clarifying his ‘end of an era’ comment because he wants people to buy the PPV. He’s unclear where the NJPW rumor got started.

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