Eric Bischoff on Mustafa Ali: “I think he’s an amazing talent”

Sep 24, 2023 - by James Walsh

Eric Bischoff has massive praise for Mustafa Ali.

The Hall of Famer spoke about Ali, who was released by WWE, during the latest edition of his Strictly Business podcast. Bischoff states that Ali is a good friend of his and is an amazing talent, adding that he would not be shocked to see him thrive in AEW.

I think he’s an amazing talent. I’m pretty good friends with him, I’ve stayed in regular contact with him since I’ve left in 2019. I think the world of him, he’s an amazing talent and I know he has an amazing amount of drive and ambition. My guess, what I’ve come to know of him, suggests to me that if anything, he will be even more motivated and inspired than he was two days ago. I would not be shocked at all, based on his own desire, ambition, and abilities, to see him in AEW.

Bischoff later confirms that Ali was very frustrated in WWE for years, something that is not a surprise as he previously asked to be released in 2021.

[He was] very frustrated, wanted to do more, [and was] constantly trying to figure out a different and better approach to his character. Frustrated with himself to a degree, frustrated with finding a way to crack the code and to make it happen. But that’s probably true for almost everybody in the talent business, whether you’re an actor, actress, musician, whatever you are. It’s a very tough business and a competitive world and you’ve got to figure out ways to reinvent yourself. So I think if there’s frustration, there may have been a time along the way — I don’t know this, he never expressed it to me, when he may have been thinking about leaving. I’m sure he’s very disappointed at this point. I think that disappointment will evolve into intensity and determination to prove that WWE made a bad choice.

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