Booker T on Mickie James: “She’s definitely one of a kind”

Sep 24, 2023 - by James Walsh

Booker T gave his thoughts on various topics on his latest Hall Of Fame podcast.

During it, the WWE Hall Of Famer talked about his opinion of Mickie James:

“Mickie James’ resume pretty much speaks for itself. She’s done it all. She’s had a hell of a career in just about every company that she’s worked in. She’s worked with all the top ladies in the business. One thing about it, when you get a career like that, you don’t really have a whole lot to look back on and say, ‘Man, I missed out on this, or I missed out on that.’ Yeah, true. Hall of Famer. As far as I’m concerned. As far as Mickie James goes. You won’t find me saying anything bad or negative towards Mickie James in any way, shape, or form. She’s definitely one of a kind.”

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