Tiffany Stratton on Jade Cargill: “Bring her on in”

Sep 22, 2023 - by James Walsh

During a recent interview with The Ten Count’s Steve Fall for Wrestling, WWE NXT Superstar and former NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton discussed Jade Cargill possibly signing with WWE, working with Becky Lynch, and more. Below are some highlights:

Stratton on her TV chemistry with Becky Lynch: “I agree. I definitely think we have great chemistry, like you said. But it’s I feel like amazing to be even put on the same screen as Becky Lynch. She’s one of the greatest of all times, in my opinion. And I’m excited for this rematch. I can’t wait.”

On there being little difference between her TV persona and her real self: “I definitely think there isn’t much of a difference. Just a little bit, turned up a little bit. But I definitely feel like the best, you know, wrestlers, the ones that are the most successful, definitely have the personas that they have in real life. So I tried to emulate that on TV and it’s been working.”

On Jade Cargill: “Yeah, for sure. Bring her on in. I don’t know much about her. But I’ve seen photos of her and she’s beautiful. But yeah, I’m not sure what’s really going on there. So I guess we’ll see.”

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