Billy Corgan ties the knot, AEW removes Cargill from roster, and an update on Bianca Belair

Sep 18, 2023 - by James Walsh

Jade Cargill has officially been removed from AEW’s roster website. Rumors are Jade’s contract with AEW has expired and she is WWE bound this week.

– During an interview with Chicago’s WGN TV, NWA owner and president Billy Corgan revealed that he tied the knot with his longtime partner Chloe Mendel over the weekend.

Bianca Belair has been on a hiatus from WWE television following the 2023 Summerslam PLE. While speaking with The Metro, Bianca addressed her time away…

“Right now, it was just some self-care. We did some things with us personally that I’m so excited about, it has to do with the future. I’m trying to write a children’s book as well.”

Bianca has been working on various projects including a new reality series with her husband Montez Ford that is coming to Hulu TV…

“I was always somebody that was like, ‘I will never do reality TV, I have no desire to do it’. And I learned to never say never very quickly. It was different for me because everybody sees my husband – who everybody in the ring is who he is at home, he’s high energy, he’s full of life, full of joy, yelling, screaming, singing. I’m a little bit more low-key and more reserved, I just chill at home and do my DIY projects. I’m used to having the cameras in my face at work and now they’re in my home. How do I just be normal now? I don’t need to turn it on to be Bianca Belair. It’s a different dynamic!”

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