Jim Ross praises Darby Allin, update on Matt Riddle

Sep 17, 2023 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: AEW

– Last weekend saw Riddle allege that he was sexually assaulted by a JFK airport official in a social media post. That post was quickly deleted, though an investigation was launched into these claims. Subsequent reports claimed the former UFC star appeared to be “heavily intoxicated” upon landing at JFK. Following that, WWE pulled Riddle from Raw and live events for “medical reasons”.

In an update on the Original Bro’s WWE status, PWInsider, notes that the 37-year-old is currently slated to return on next week’s Raw. He’ll miss this weekend’s house shows, but is due to reappear on Monday night.

Jim Ross is enjoying the wrestling on AEW Collision, and singled out Darby Allin one of the top “homegrown prospects” he’s ever seen. The AEW announcer discussed the topic on a recent episode of Grilling JR, and you can see some highlights below (per Fightful):

On the matches on AEW Collision: “The match quality on Collision has been pretty good. I called the Samoa Joe/Penta match, the main event of that show, and I thought those guys just turned it up. Samoa Joe is in a different place. He’s as good, if not better, than he’s ever been. Penta had the best singles match he’s had in AEW, so those guys were motivated.”

On Darby Allin vs. Roderick Strong: “Earlier in the night, the Roddy Strong/Darby Allin match was nothing short of epic. He’s a fearless kid, I love him. He’s just one of the best homegrown prospects I’ve ever seen. He’s young, he’s in his mid-20s. So if he can hold up…that whole story was about his spine, his back. That’s what the announcers should be talking about because that was the whole story. Roddy Strong did a lot of creative things to focus on that body part.”

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