WWE lays off over 100 workers from HQ following merge with Endeavor

Sep 16, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

WWE laid off around 12% of its workforce yesterday as the HR department was busy contacting personnel to inform them that they were being let go.

All WWE employees worked from home yesterday to make discussions more private and those who were let go were not even given time to see their coworkers for one more time.

This was expected following the merger with Endeavor and it’s a practice that most merged companies do. In total, WWE fired over 100 workers.

Endeavor is looking for between $50 and $100 million in cost cutting measures for WWE and a lot of departments which overlap with that of the UFC suffered the brunt of these terminations.

So far, no on-screen talent or anyone from creative was let go, although the belief is that trimming of the roster will eventually start soon as well.

According to multiple insiders, the most senior level individuals let go were Jamie Horowitz, the Executive Vice President of Development and Digital, Catherine Newman, the Executive Vice President of Head of Marketing, Amanda Bloom, the Director of Enterprise Master Data & Governance, and Andy Levine, the Vice President of International & Platform Strategy.

Another big name who was fired was Dana Warrior, the widow of The Ultimate Warrior. Dana has been working for WWE since her husband passed away in different roles, including creative and as well as doing ambassadorial jobs and community outreach.

A mandatory staff meeting will be held on Tuesday at WWE corporate headquarters and will be led by WWE President Nick Khan.

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