CM Punk appears at CFFC 125, and Mickie James on Trinity

Sep 16, 2023 - by James Walsh

CM Punk was on the commentary team for CFFC (Cage Fury Fighting Championship) 125 earlier tonight. Punk commented on his return during the broadcast and noted that he has time on his hands for the next two months.

WWE Survivor Series is in 2 months and it’s in Chicago.

– In an interview with WrestlingNewsCo (via Fightful), Mickie James spoke about the possibility of challenging Trinity for the Knockouts title at Bound for Glory. James returned to the company at last night’s Impact 1000 episode.

She said:

“We’ve never had a singles match. A lot of times, we were on two different shows, so we would only see each other on pay-per-views. I want this one-on-one match. I’ve been feeling good for a while, but I’ve also sat back, and I’ve truly been enjoying her run as champion. I’ve truly, as a sister and as a friend, have been loving all of these moments and seeing her get this opportunity and doing exactly what I knew she would do, and that’s shine. It’s beautiful to see. It was one of my apprehensions of coming back anyway; I really want her to have all of these opportunities. Now, I look at her, and she’s run through a lot of that locker room. She’s run through pretty much the entirety of the locker room since she’s been in here, in this short time, and really dominated. Obviously, there are other women that are back and coming back. I’m sure they want an opportunity at the championship too, but I must remind her and the company that I never lost the championship. I never did. I was forced to relinquish it, and I understood that, and I did that. Now that I’ve sat back and feel maybe she’s running out of competition, maybe it’s time for a match that both of us want, the people want, and that we’ve never seen before. If I’m going to test myself and go after it again, anyone as a wrestler walking into a wrestling television company, if you’re not vying to be champion, then what are you doing? I like being a champion. It feels good, and I enjoy it. I love seeing my friends shine, but I sat back and watched her glow this whole time, and I was getting a little antsy. I also think, Trin and I as tag team champions, we could rule the world.”

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