Video: The Rock appears on Smackdown

Sep 15, 2023 - by Staff

WWE Legend Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson returned on tonight’s SmackDown on FOX. The opened from the Ball Arena in Denver with Pat McAfee making his surprise pop to a big pop. He was interrupted by Austin Theory for a war of words. Theory ended up threatening McAfee, but McAfee called his bluff and said Theory just wants to be like him. The back & forth continued until Theory knocked the fans and McAfee declared that SmackDown is The People’s Show. He asked Theory if he knows what that means, and then The Rock’s music hit to a huge pop as the roof blew off the arena.

Rock hit the ring to a big pop and posed. Theory said it’s been a long time but Rock told him, “Shut your bitch ass up!,” for another big reaction. Rock said Theory clearly doesn’t know how this works. He then handed the mic to McAfee and removed his jacket as the crowd continued to cheer. Rock then did his legendary “Finally!” line to mark his return to Denver as a “Rocky!” chant broke out. Theory then tried his own “Finally!” line and said these stupid people get to see Rock and Austin in the ring one more time, in a reference to WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin. Theory continued and said this time it won’t be Stone Cold, it will be a real ass kicker, one who can beat the whole WWE Mount Rushmore. Rock went to interrupt but Theory cut him off by stealing his “It doesn’t matter!” line. Rock appreciated this and said it does matter what he says, and it matters what the people say. Rock said Theory brought up Stone Cold, and that’s Rock’s boy. Rock said if Austin was here tonight, he’d ask the crowd if they want to see him whip Theory’s ass. Rock said the roof flew off the place tonight because this is Rock’s SmackDown and we are live, and it does matter what the people say.

Rock went on and mentioned how Theory chose to trash talk McAfee, the fans, Rock and Austin. He confirmed that Theory’s name is Austin Theory, and he is from Atlanta. Rock says this means Theory really is an A-hole. Rock then said he will show Theory how live we are because in three seconds, one side of the arena will chant “you are!” and the other side will chant “an asshole!” McAfee and Rock then led the chant, just as Rock promised, as Theory looked on and seethed. Rock then flipped the chant and had the two sides switch what they were yelling. Theory yelled for everyone to shut up, and declared that he is not an asshole, while FOX was busy bleeping certain parts of the chant. Rock went on defending the people and said they are having fun with Rock tonight. Rock then warned that he will whip Theory’s candy ass all over Denver in about three seconds… Theory quickly attacked but Rock fought back and hit a Spinebuster. The crowd then went wild as Rock stood over Theory in the middle of the ring to prepare for The People’s Elbow. Rock nailed it to a big pop, and then stood tall as his music hit. Rock then motioned to McAfee, and he also dropped his version of The People’s Elbow, knocking Theory’s shoe off. Rock tossed Theory’s shoe into the crow as his music hit again. The segment ended with Rock and McAfee posing in the corners as fans cheered them on.

Rock and McAfee later appeared in a backstage segment, joking about how Denver would have continued with the “asshole!” chant for two hours if they weren’t stopped. Rock thanked McAfee and they embraced. McAfee then told Rock that someone he can’t see just walked up – John Cena. Cena and Rock immediately got serious and faced off as they approached each other. The longtime rivals had a brief showdown as fans watching in the arena cheered. Rock then commented on how he sees Cena trying to smile. They both smiled and embraced. Cena welcomed Rock home and Rock thanked him, adding that it’s good to be here.

We noted earlier how Rock and McAfee were rumored to be at SmackDown as they were in nearby Boulder, Colorado for The Rocky Mountain Showdown, which is the Colorado vs. Colorado State football game at Folsom Field, that will also air on FOX. McAfee also conducted a live interview with Rock on his show earlier today, from Folsom.

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