Jeff Jarrett comments on the McMahon family no longer holding majority ownership of WWE

Sep 15, 2023 - by James Walsh

Jeff Jarrett, AEW’s Director of Business Development and on-screen performer, opened up about the seismic shift in the wrestling landscape due to the official merger of WWE and UFC on his “My World” podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson. Here’s what the veteran wrestler, often referred to as the Last Outlaw, had to say about this monumental development.

On McMahon family losing control over WWE:
Jarrett noted, “Today marks the end of an era where wrestling could be considered a family business. The McMahons were essentially the final stronghold of the old territories. They expanded from a local to a national, then to an international and finally a public company. Still, at its core, it remained a family affair. Whether the McMahons gathered around a dining table during holidays or not, it was always family-operated. The industry is undergoing significant shifts, and that’s evident especially post-pandemic. Looking ahead, the business will see a multitude of changes in 2024 and it’s on a positive trajectory.”

On why this change could benefit the industry as a whole:
Jarrett emphasized, “Change is the only constant. There are countless age-old sayings that we could cite, but these sayings stand the test of time because they hold truth. You can’t embrace new opportunities unless you relinquish the old. Taking risks and making changes is what propels any industry forward. There’s immense potential for growth and development. It’s all about being proactive, taking massive, even radical actions, and showing patience where needed.”

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