Sonny Kiss on why he never got television time in AEW

Sep 14, 2023 - by James Walsh

Sonny Kiss opens up about HIS AEW contract not getting renewed.

The former company star spoke on this topic during a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio. When Kiss was asked how HE was processing the ordeal, she admitted that it felt like heartbreak.

Definitely a question that a lot of people asked, like, ‘Where is Sonny? Where is Sonny?’ I understand. It hurt to go places and they was always the question they was asked. Like I would be in a super market or at training, whatever, and it’s just like, ‘We don’t see you.’ But I’m feeling, it’s like a heartbreak. It’s been rough because this was everything I’ve always wanted to do, it’s a dream. I’ve worked so very hard, I worked tirelessly for this not to happen. Dustin Rhodes, who’s been my mentor and trainer, he’s a trainer for all the women at AEW, and every single time I got sent to TV, I was there hours, hours before doors open, I worked my ass off every single week to make sure this didn’t happen. So yeah it’s heartbreaking.

Kiss later says that she would beg to go to television tapings so she could just train, adding getting the call that her contract would not be renewed really shocked her.

I got the call the last week of August. Honestly, it took a long time for it to settle in. It took a long time because I just was in shock. I wasn’t expecting it. Obviously, for the longest time, throughout the past couple years of there not being any creative for me, I’ve thought about it. I thought about everything, like why? What am I doing wrong? I would beg sometimes to go to TV. Can I just go to train with Dustin [Rhodes], please? Just something. Because I wanted to work. I never was resting on my laurels, I never was just okay with not doing anything, I never was okay with that. So yeah, when I got the call, I was very shocked.

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