Impact Report, 9/14/23

Sep 14, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for the 1000th episode from Impact Wrestling.  Coverage begins at 830pm.  Mathew Rehwoldt and Tom Hannifan are once again on the call.

Team 3 D will be in action.

Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks VS Eddie and Alisha Edwards

X Division Champion, Lio Rush VS Chris Sabin

Feast or Fired Returns

Legends Return and we will hear from Josh Alexander

TNA is the story tonight.  We start with a highlight package with loads of past stars featured.  TNA/Impact has had amazing talent over the years.  A new intro song and clip is aired.

Scott D’Amore welcomes the crowd.  He is remembers starting episode 1 with his Team Canada.  He touches on the Knockouts, especially Gail Kim.  He introduces her.  She talks about the pioneers of the Women’s Division.  Another video package airs.  They are showing about every female I can remember competing on these packages.  Just then Angelina Love and Velvet Sky enter, The Beautiful People.  Angelina questions the video package, she says besides her and Velvet, everyone else was ugly.  Gail calls the pair rude and obnoxious.  They start arguing, and Gail says we can do more than talk.  Giselle Shaw and her entourage enter.  Shaw apologizes to the Beautiful People for Gail’s comments.  Shaw says she is honored to have taken their spot and improved on it.  The Beautiful People don’t like that comment.  Jordynne Grace enters next.  She pays a tribute to ODB, Tara, Traci Brooks and Gail Kim.  She says the other constant is the bitches.  Deonna Purrazzo heads out after that comment.  She says she is the face of the generation.  Trinity, the current champion enters.  Trinity claims her thrown.  Gail and Deonna bring up their multiple reigns.  Then Awesome Kong enters.  Her mere presence shakes the arena.  Tasha Steelz makes her return next.   She says the party can’t happen without her.  She challenges Awesome Kong for a match next week.  Then the roof blows for Mickie James.  She says is greatest of all time.  She makes a match pitting Kim, Trinity, Kong, Grace and Mickie VS Purrazzo, The Beautiful People, Shaw and Steelz.

Santino Marella, Shark Boy, Chris Harris, EY and James Storm have a comedy segment backstage.

Match 1.  Feast or Fire Match

There are so many people to mention in this match.  Chris Bey is the first to grab a briefcase and reach the floor.  He has number 3 of the 4.  We get a massive Tree of Woe spot.  That was paying respect to the TNA days.  Krazzy Steve grabs briefcase #1.  He stabs Brian Myers with a fork on his way out of the ring.  Moose steps out of Steve’s way after that incident.  Yuya Uemura grabs a briefcase.  He successfully gets to the floor with help from Joe Hendry.  Jai Vidal flirts with PCO.  That didn’t go over well with PCO.  Steve Maclin gets the last briefcase down, Rhino enters and gore’s the briefcase out of his hands.  Moose catches it and claims ownership of the last briefcase since he caught it on the floor.

Chris Sabin cuts a promo about X Division, Lio Rush.  He doesn’t respect him for being an overall bad guy.  He says he will become a 10 time champion.

Match 2. The Desi Hit Squad (Raj Singh and Rohit Raju) VS Team 3-D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon)

A we want tables chant bellows loudly.  Bully tags in Devon.  He comes off the top rope.  Devon double clotheslines the Desi Hit Squad.  Bully actually is getting cheered as he tags in.  Singh slams Bully.  Rohit tags in and mocks Bully.  Bully spears him.  Devon tags in and punches Singh and delivers a neckbreaker.  After a spinebuster, Singh kicks out at two.  Bully sets up the What’s Up.  Devon delivers.  Bully calls for the tables.  An ECW chant breaks out.  We get a 3D and we get a pin.

Winners, Team 3D

Rohit is pulled over to Bully on the ropes.  He powerbombs Rohit threw the table.  They celebrate.

The Rascalz are shown eating pizza, sitting on the floor.  Josh Alexander takes exception to a few of their comments.  This is setting up something.

After a break, Josh Alexander is in street clothes in the ring.  He talks about being the best in Impact.  He had the longest run as a champion, but he says he was an Impact fan before that since he was 15.  He says he never lost his championship.  He wants to make that right.  Alex Shelley, the current World Champion heads out.   Shelley says he is the face of the company and he is going to represent the company.  He says you can thank him for holding down the fort while he was gone.  Josh says nobody was happier for Alex than him.  He says he revolutionized the business.  Shelley calls him a mark.  They argue back and forth.  Josh says the only time they wrestled one on one, he won.  Alex says you are a side quest, but he is the main character.  Shelley challenges Josh right there.  Out of nowhere, The Rascalz attack them both in the ring.  Shelley gets away, but watches The Rascalz continue the beatdown on Alexander.

Shark Boy greets the Rascalz backstage.  He is acting as a authority figure on behalf of Santino Marella.  Josh Alexander will face Trey Miguel next week now.  Kenny King walks in with Sheldon Jean.  Santino is now present as well.  King wants a rematch with Tommy Dreamer.  Santino says no way, but he will face Eric Young next week.

Match 3.  Eddie and Alisha Edwards VS Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks

This is a battle of married couples.  Traci attacks Alisha and bangs her head off the floor to start the match.  She then pulls her hair and flings her down the ramp.  Eddie suplexes Kaz on the floor.  Alisha recovers and tosses Traci back in the ring after some kicks.  Eddie tags in on Traci, back in the ring.  Traci slaps him and tags out.  Kaz is distracted by Alisha and Eddie lands a blue thunder bomb.  Back from break, Eddie works over Kaz with some stiff chops.  After a backdrop, Eddie gets a two count.  The crowd is into this match.  Kaz connects with a backstabber.  Alisha pulls Traci off the apron.  She lands hard.  Alisha then DDT’s Kaz on the floor.  Kaz gets back in the ring and tries to mount a comeback, but Eddie is too quick to the punch.  Alisha continues to interfere.  She has been the MVP of the match so far.  Eddie whips Kaz to the post violently.  Kaz refuses to stay down.  Alisha wants in and orders Eddie to hold him as she dives in.  That doesn’t work and Kaz suplexes her.  Traci tags in.  She comes in hot.  She spears Alisha.  Eddie comes in and grabs Traci by the back of her head.  He sets her up for a package piledriver.  She rakes his eyes and delivers an x factor.  She then puts Alisha away with a fade to black.

Winners, Traci Brooks and Frankie Kazarian

Great match.  Kaz grabs the mic and asks everyone to watch a video.  Traci Brooks is then announced as the next Hall of Fame inductee at Bound For Glory.  I think she didn’t know because she is in tears and couldn’t speak.   She was with her son.  Nice moment.

Lio Rush is interviewed backstage by Gia Miller.  Lio says Sabin is shook.  He says he isn’t worried.  He says it is impossible to beat him.  He is coming in hot.

Digital Media Champion, Tommy Dreamer says he will defend his title against any and all challengers.  He also says he needs a belt extender.  LOL

Match 4.  X Division Champion, Lio Rush VS Chris Sabin

Rush heads out last.  He has been amazing since his return to the scene.  He finally is putting his talents to their potential.  He has quite the presence.

This match pits the two fastest competitors possibly in the business.   Rush lands a backspring kick and violent dive to Sabin on the floor.  That is how Sabin was defeated by Rush when he won the title.  Sabin is thrown back in the ring.  Rush goes to the top for the final hour.  Sabin was playing possum and rolls him up for a two count.  The ref was checking on him.  Sabin then goes to work on the champ.  He delivers the 10 punches from the top rope.  Sabin then locks on the surf board.  He floats to an arm submission, and to a pin attempt.  Rush kicks out, but Sabin gets kicked after whipping Lio to the corner.  Rush goes to the mat with Sabin and ties him up.  There is loud dualling chants for each during this period.  The crowd is into this match.  The mat work goes on for about 2 minutes.  Sabin gets to his feet and delivers a chin breaker.  He missile drop kicks Rush next.  Rush rakes Sabin’s eyes.  Sabin bails to the floor.  Rush moonsaults Sabin there.  Rush starts arguing with the fans.  He then yells at the ref and suplexes Sabin on the ramp.  Back in the ring, Rush mocks Sabin and goes for the cradle shock, but it is blocked.  Rush takes him down again and heads to the top.  Sabin catches him and superplexes Lio off the top.  The Sabin chants get louder again.  Sabin powerbombs Lio for a two count.  He then PKs, superkicks and locks on the STF.  Sabin releases and plants Lio with inverted driver.  Rush then kicks out after a cradle shock!!!  Sabin is shocked.  Sabin goes for a top rope cradle shock, but Rush rakes his eyes and lands a final hour.  Sabin kicks out!!  They both have hit their big finisher and both kicked out.  They trade punches and incensed Sabin gets the best of Rush in the exchange.  Another cradle shock and it is over.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion for the 10th time, Chris Sabin

The roster heads out to celebrate with the new champ as the show ends.

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