Kevin Nash on CM Punk: “Go Back and Watch The Promo Triple H Cuts On Him Sitting In The Chair”

Sep 12, 2023 - by James Walsh

Kevin Nash is once again going in on CM Punk.

The Hall of Famer spoke about the Second City Saint on the latest edition of his Kliq This podcast, where he reflected on Punk’s latest antics in AEW that got him fired from his job. Nash would be asked his thoughts about Punk potentially returning to WWE and appearing in the 2024 Royal Rumble. This is what he had to say:

Please do motherf***er because I’ll ask Paul [Triple H] to put me in that bitch. I’ll be on the horn tomorrow to see if we can make that happen. Sucker punch me, skinny fat boy. Short order f***ing…I apologize to Waffle House at this point in my career for actually calling him a short order Waffle House cook. My bad. f*** you, Phil. I always like my wrestlers to have birthing hips.

Nash later recalled Punk’s previous run in WWE and how he got beaten by all the top guys, including Triple H. He reminds fans that The Game was telling the truth about Punk during his famous exchange with him when he said that Punk only does things for himself.

Selling that company for $9 billion, what you need on a ship that’s sailing on crystal clear water is some f***ing asshole to stir shit. Go back and watch the promo Triple H cuts on him sitting in the chair. It’s f***ing gold. Punk, what’s that thing he would give everybody, a pipe job [pipe bomb]? He wanted to give Paul a pipe job, ‘Hey, I’ll give you a pipe job’ or whatever his gimmick was, ‘I have a Pepsi tattoo,’ Paul said, ‘Go f*** yourself’ and beat him. After Taker [Undertaker] beat him. Everybody beats the f***ing guy. Thank God he has the Duffy Wrestling League on Heels. I saw him on the last episode, he didn’t have any dialogue. He looked interested in what was going down because there is a LA based entity doing streaming thinking of buying into the DWL. If you’re not watching Heels, you’re not getting a chance to get your CM Punk fill.

The former world champion would clarify at another point that he has no heat with CM Punk and discusses these topics to get hits on his show.

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