9/11/23 WWE Raw Recap

Sep 11, 2023 - by staff

The Norfolk Scope
Norfolk, Virginia
by Brian Jaso

We are live in Norfolk, VA. We open with hype for the Women’s Title Match. Champion Rhea Ripley (c) vs Raquel Rodriguez. Also we are going to get an Intercontinental Title Celebration with Gunther.

Raw opens with Jey Uso making his way to the ring. Jey makes his was to the ring and finds the crowd is pumped for his return to Norfolk. Jey says it feels good to be right here on Monday Night Raw. He is quickly interrupted by Kevin Owens music. Owens hits the ring and lets Jey know that he is now on the Kevin Owens show. Owens tells Jey that nobody wants him in the locker room. He said everyone wants him gone except Sami Zayn and Cody Rhodes. He tells Jey he has a long way to go to earn Owen’s trust back. Just as Owens is getting ready to tell Jey how he really feels, The Judgement Day hits the ring! Damien Priest tells Jey he has all the time he needs to decide if he wants to join Judgement Day. Dominic grabs the mic and can barely be heard due to the boos from the crowd. Judgement Day says they came out because they had a match with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayhn. Kevin says Sami isn’t there, but he will fight them by himself. Jey steps up and says he will fight along side Jey. So it looks like tonight it will be Jey Uso and Kevin Owens vs The Judgement Day!

Back from the break!!!

WWE Tag Team Champions Judgement Day vs Kevin Owens and Jey Uso NON_TITLE MATCH

The match starts with Jey Uso and Damien Priest locking up. The crowd is behind Jey and he works Damien early. Damien tags to Balor and we have a new match up. Owens tags in and gets behind quickly. Judgement Day works the knee of Owens. He Gets worked pretty good and it looks like the Judgement Day may get the upper hand here. Owens finds a way out and tags Jey back in. Jey hits the ring with a high cross body on Priest. He has quickly turned the tide around for him and Owens. He follows that up with a suicide dive on over the ropes to the outside and onto Dominic and Balor. We head to break with Jey on top! Back from the break and Jey continues his onslaught on Judgement Day. The crowd continues to be behind Jey. Jey is working Balor in the ring as Priest tries to interfere, but Jey catches him with a superkick to the gut. Jey then goes up top and tries to hit the frogsplash. As he lands it, Balor pulls up his knees and hurts Jey. Jey and Balor both tag and we have a new match up with Owens and Priest. Owens is favoring his knee injured earlier from Dominic. Owens hits a tornado DDT, but can’t finish the 3 count. He follows that with a brainbuster, and again can’t get the pin. Jey jumps in to help, but inadvertently hits a superkick on his partner Owens!! Balor jumps to the top rope and hits the Coup de Drace on Owens for the win! Owens and Jey share a long stare as Owens tries to figure out what happened, and if it was on purpose.

Winner: The Judgment Day via Pinfall

After the match we see a flashback to Payback as we See Raquel Rodriguez hurt Rhea Ripley badly. We are reminded that Dirty Dom is barred from ringside tonight during the title match!!

Back from the break and we find Jey trying to catch up with KO and apologizes for superkicking him. He said is was an accident. Owens is not buying it. He leaves and tells him to go find the Judgement Day Locker Room.

We go back to a video recapping last weeks title match between Gunther and Chad Gable. They had an incredible match, but Gunther came out on top. We now see a black Mercedes pull up backstage and Imperium gets out ready to celebrate Gunther’s Title Reign as the longest reigning Intercontinental Champion of all-time.

Back to the Ring!!

The Miz vs Akira Tozawa

Before the match they show a quick video rembering the September 11th attacks. Crazy it’s been 22 years. Never Forget.

After the break we see a recap from the Miz and Tozawa’s match 3 weeks ago where Tozawa got the win with the help of a Distraction from LA Knight. Miz takes the early advantage on Tozawa and is taking out all of his frustration he really has with LA Knight. Miz is working Akira with a series of kicks to the torso. This is personal and Miz is sending a message to Knight. Miz with a Skull crushing Finale. He then hits it again, and again. He covers Tozawa after the 3rd finale and gets the pin putting Tozawa out of his misery.

Winner via Pinfall: The Miz

Backstage we have an interview with Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez said Rhea is going to get a taste of her own medicine. She believes she will get the win.

Back in the ring we begin the Gunther Intercontinental Championship Celebration. Next on Raw!!

Imperium is in the ring. They ask the crowd for all of their gratitude for the longest reigning Intercontinential Champion of all-time. The Ring General Gunther!!!! He has been the Champion since June of 2022. So impressive. Gunther makes his way to the ring and is greeted with Pyro. Gunther gives no credit to any champion before him. He says he is running out of competition. Just as he continues his celebration Chad Gable’s music hits. Gable says they had a main event for the ages last week. Guther invites Gable in the ring. Gable says he holds him responsible for his daughter crying last week. He says he beat him once, and he will beat him again. He swears to God he is winning that Championship. And he swears to God his Daughter is walking out with a smile on her face. Gunther calls Gable a terrible father. Gable attacks Gunther, but Imperium just Gable and it’s a numbers game. Otis hits the ring to help his partner. Imperium still has the numbers. Out comes Tommaso Ciampa to clear the ring.

Back from the break and we get the Alpha Academy and Tommaso in the back upset from what happened with Imperium. Otis says this is not over. He wants a match tonight. He wants a 6-man carnage match vs Imperium. Gable says that’s actually a great idea. But he says a carnage match is just a 6-man match. They ask Tommaso if he accepts, and he just walks off. They take that as a yes! We have a match!

We now Drew Mcintyre back stage with Xavier Woods and they are discussing Drew talking trash about Kofi. Drew said it’s nothing. He attempts to walk off, but Xavier grabs his arm and tells him he’s jealous of Kofi. Xavier says Drew is scared of Him. Drew tells him if he wants a match he can have it. Here we go!!

Xavier Woods vs Drew McIntyre

Drew starts the match with a ton of power. He is taking advantage of his size and is wearing him out. Woods quickly though sneaks a shot in and turns the tables on Drew. The action spill outside the ring and Drew regains control. He picks up Xavier and toss him on the announce table. Things are not looking good for Xavier as we head to the break!

Back from the break and Drew and absolutely killing Xavier. He is what feels like a move or two away from a win, but Xavier gains an advantage and hits a leg drop from the top rope. Cover 1, 2,…..almost 3. Drew works his way back and looks to finish Xavier. Xavier catches him with a superkick from out of nowhere and gets a 2 and 7/8 count. Drew again works his way back and trys an Alabama Slam that Xavier reverses into a roll and near fall. Xavier is really giving it his all, but it just really is not going to be enough. They trade blows in the middle of the ring and crowd starts chanting “This Is Awesome”! They both work the ropes, but just as things are looking even, Drew lands a Claymore and gets the 3 count.

Winner via Pinfall: Drew McIntyre

Up next we hear from the American Nightmare Cody Rhodes!!

We are back from the break and the crowd pops as Cody’s music fills the arena!!

CODY! CODY! CODY! Chants are what we hear first. Cody says it’s great to be here in Norfolk Virgina!! Cheap Pop. Cody says he wants to talk about Jey Uso. But Dirty Dom’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Dom says Jey wants to join the Judgement Day. And when he does it will make Cody look like a fool. Cody attacks Dom! Dom came out to the ring with JD and they both attack Cody. They quickly get the upperhand, but Cody reverses it and hits the crossroads on both of them and regains control of the ring! Cody stands tall in on the ropes and the crowd goes wild.

Backstage we see Jey Uso walking and Drew McIntyre grabs him and tells him he doesn’t trust him. Jey says no problem. In fact he says they should get in the ring next week on Raw! Drew accepts. So we will get Jey vs Drew next week!

Back to the ring!

Chelsea Green vs Shayna Baszler

Right after the Break!

Back from the break

Chelsea Green w/ Piper Nevin vs Shayla Baszler

Shayla comes out with some quick holds and works Green onto the mat. As they land outside the ring Piper jumps in and defends Green. Baszler gets back in the ring and hits a backslam that she calls the Exterminatus. She covers Green for the the 3 count. Piper jumps in after the match and attacks Baszler. Zoey Stark hits the ring and helps Baszler. They clear the ring and stand tall. This is an alliance to look out for. Of note from Michael Cole Baszler’s finisher used to the Rhonda Rousey’s, but Baszler said it is hers now.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

We see a video of Shinsuke Nakamura calling out Seth Rollins. He tells him he is going to destroy him in his own time. Back in the ring we see Seth coming out and crowd goes wild. Seth with address the crowd when we return.

Back from the break and crowd is still singing Seth’s Song! So Over. Rollins hits us with a Virginia welcome to Monday Night Rollins. Seth says he is everything Nakamura is not. He is a father, a fighter, and everything. He says he spent so long trying to find out what or who he was. Many years being something that he was not. But he finally found out who he was. He was Seth Fricken Rollins. He said he did not come here to talk. He came here to fight. He said the office wants him to slow down. But he can’t do that. He said he is a workhorse. He said he came out last week and called out Nakamua, but he didn’t want it. So he is calling him out again tonight. There is no better time than, now or no better place than Norfolk Virginia!! Nakamura’s music hits!!! But no Nakamura. The jumbotron shows Nakamura backstage beating up Ricochet. He tells Rollins he is going to take his title, but not today.

Backstage we see Jey Uso walking again and he is approached by Finn Balor. Balor tells him that he is a fan along with the rest of the Judgement Day and that there is always room for Jey Uso.

In Ring Action Happening Next

In Ring Action!

Alpha Academy and Tommaso Ciampa vs Imperium

Ciampa starts out against Giovanni Vinci. Some good back and forth to begin and we are seeing some great classic tag-team wrestling. Gable tags in as does Kaiser. Gable works some amazing chain wrestling and really shows how much of a star he is and can be. Imperium takes advantage of the numbers and begins to wear Gable down. The tag in and out taking turns on Gable. As we go to break Imperium is clearly in control and its not looking good for Gable.

Back from the break and Gunther is in the squared circle dragging Gable around at will. Gunther talks to the crowd as he looks to end it. Gable gains some leverage thought and flips Gunther! They both go for the tag and Tomasso and Vinci hit the ring. Everything Levels up as these two work each other. After some great action Otis and Ludwig tag in and we get to see Otis hit the caterpillar. He goes for the shoulder block and misses!! Otis is in trouble, but Gable gets the tag just as Gunther is in. Here we go as the crowd gets what they want. Gable vs Gunther. A quick back and forth and Gable locks in the ankle lock on Gunter!! Can he get the win here? Gunther works his way to the ropes and gets a quick tag. A ton of false finishes here, but Gable lock in the ankle lock again on Ludwig. As Gunther goes for the save he is met by Tomasso and can’t get to Gable to break the hold. Gable locks it in deeper and Ludwig taps out!!!

Winners via submission: Alpha Academy and Tomasso Ciampa

Next week on Raw we will have Ricochet vs Shinsuke Nakamura. This will be an incredible match up!!

We have a backstage altercation between NXT Women’s Champion Tiffany Stratton and Becky Lynch who will match up tomorrow night on NXT for Stratton’s NXT championship. Both ladies feel they will come out on top, but we will find out tomorrow night!

Main Event

WWE Women’s World Championship Match

Rhea Ripley (Champion) vs Raqeul Rodriguez

Rodriguez starts out with 2 huge clothes lines that rock Ripley. She follows it up with a spear into the corner. Ripley does not have the power up hand in this match up. Crazy to see as she always does. The action spills out on to the floor and Ripley hits a front flip slam off the stairs on to Rodriguez. Ripley is furious that Rodriquez is competing with her. She puts her back in the ring and goes for a cover with a flex pose. Disrespectful and it doesn’t work. The action goes back over the ropes and Rodriguez gets the upperhand again as we head to the break. Back from the break they ladies are in the ring and Ripley has her in a leg lock. Ripley slaps her over and over and won’t let her up. Ripley then locks in a head scissors on Rogriguez and leans in with all her weight. The warriors find their way back to the middle of the ring and start to trade punches. After several blows both ladies take to the ropes and come back to land kicks to the face on both sides and each woman hits the canvas. They again stand toe to toe in the middle and trade blows. Ripley hits a northern lights suplex for a two count. Both wrestlers are worn out. Rodriguez hits a big boot to the face and goes for a pin! 2 count and Ripley kicks out!! Ripley regains the upper hand and goes to the top rope. She give us a little Eddie shuffle and hits the frog splash!!!! 2 count. Ripley is beside herself that Rodriguez has kicked out! Ripley with a baseball slide dropkick to send Rodriguez out of the ring. Ripley follows her out and attempts an cannonball onto Rodriquez, but she catches her and slams Ripley into the announce table. She then picks her up and puts her in the ring. Could this be it!! But as Rodriguez is climbing into the ring Nia Jax attacks her from out of nowhere and hits her a back slam. Rodriguez is hurt as she climbs back into the ring. She walks right into a riptide from Ripley. Ripley hits and and gets the pin.

Winner via pinfall: Rhea Ripley

Ripley celebrates with the belt but then is confronted by Jax. Jax attacks her and destroys a worn-out Ripley. Ripley lays lifeless in the ring as Jax stands tall as Raw goes off the air.

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