Cathy Kelley recalls Cody and Brandi Rhodes helping her out when she started at WWE

Sep 11, 2023 - by James Walsh

Photo Credit: @themattycox

Cathy Kelley got her start with WWE in 2016 as Cody and Brandi Rhodes were leaving, she she recently recalled how they helped her out in her first weekend. Kelley appeared on OUt of Character with Ryan Satin and talked about how the two of them helped calm her nerves before her first time working for the company.

“That first week, I knew no one so I went in and I was told, ‘Don’t go in as a fan’ by Michael Cole,” Kelley recalled (per Fightful). “I was already nervous, I wanted to shake everyone’s hand, I wanted to be respectful and I was second guessing everything. I was just so in my head.”

She continued, “I remember Cody Rhodes and Brandi at the time, they kind of helped me in that capacity because one of my first assignments was with them. They were like, ‘Just go in the locker room, shake everyone’s hand, no one knows who you are, it’s all good.’ That really stuck with me, especially in retrospect, knowing what they were going through personally that weekend, that is when they decided to leave.”

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