Santana and Ortiz with a very public breakup

Sep 9, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

The problems between Santana and Ortiz were not a secret, but it was a surprise when the two emerged together to align themselves with the Blackpool Combat Club ahead of Stadium Stampede at All In.

The two managed to co-exist in the match but now, all gloves are off and Santana drew first blood, with video airing on Rampage saying he’s chosen a different path, one that he must take alone.

Santana said that if there’s one thing he learned, is that you can’t depend on anyone that doesn’t have the same passion or drive that you have or that they’d even have your back the same way you would, a clear dig at his former tag team partner who is shown in the video exactly when he utters those words.

“The road I’ve chosen to take is one that must be taken on my own. No crutch, no crew, straight dolo, exactly how I like it,” Santana says in the video. “All I’ve done my entire life is bet on myself but I tell you this, I’m not here to be another guy in the game, I’m here to be THE guy.”

Ortiz responded to his video on X, writing, “What a way to find out years of having your back meant nothing. Good luck without your ‘crutch.’ Just remember it helped you walk for the last 14+ years. Hope your legs are good.”

Ortiz “thanked” him for being honest for once, but still had one question. “But you couldn’t say it to my face? You know you still can, right?”

The two had a fallout which is why the team is being split up.

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