Notes on Eddie Kingston, Trinity, and Tony Khan

Sep 9, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

– The “Mad King” Eddie Kingston will be apart of New Japan’s “Royal Quest III” show on Saturday, October 14th.

Trinity (IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts World Champion):

“I’m grateful for this platform and IMPACT giving me the space and opportunity to continue on with my wrestling journey and to kind of reestablish myself after all that had been said and all that had happened. So I’ll forever be grateful for that, and I’m having the time of my life right now.“

Matt Hardy thanking Tony Khan for providing a jet for every single AEW talent that wanted to attend Windham’s services.

“Also a big shoutout to Tony Khan. He took care of everybody really good. He sent a jet down there and carried all the AEW talents up to TV in Indianapolis, and I was very grateful for that and definitely appreciated him. Once again, just showing how good hearted of a human being he is. He really made it work out so that everyone that wanted to attend.”

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