AEW Collision 9th September Results

Sep 9, 2023 - by Achal Mohindra

AEW Colission
Date: 9th September Results
Live from: Cleveland, Ohio

Before we go live superstars promote their matches including Roderick Strong, Penta, Darby Allin, Samoa Joe.

When we go live music of new AEW International Champion Jon Moxley for a Open Challenge for AEW International Championship.

Match 1: Open Challenge Match for a AEW International Championship
Challenger: Action Andretti Vs Champion: Jon Moxley

Tie up and chop to Andretti by Moxley, Andretti rols to the outside, lockup, chop by Moxley in the corner, Moxley sends Andretti to the outside, Moxley brings Andretti back in the ring, dive by Andretti to Moxley, headbutts by Moxley to Andretti, Moxley climbs to the top and Action moves out the way, forearms, headscissor by Andretti followed by a drop kick, baseball drop kick betwen the ropes to the outside, chop to Andretti on the outside, Moxley sent into ring steps.

Cover attempt by Andretti (2 count) Andretti working on leg of Moxley, hanging him on the rope, Andretti with a boston crab leglock on Moxley, baseball dropkick to injured knee. Andretti sends Moxley to the outside, and then Moxley builds momentum and nails a dive through the middle ropes. Moxley biting Andretti, then Action climbs to the top but caught by Moxley,  Action goes for move but Moxley catches him in a sleeper, Andretti escapes, dropkick to Moxley, Action Andretti climbs up to the top but is caught, but Andretti lands on his feet, dropkick by Andretti into the corner, second blocked, Andretti sends Moxley into the middle ringpost, then spinning cross body for a two count. Stomps on Moxley but Moxley blocks and nails crocodile choke and Action Andretti taps and Jon Moxley retains.

Winner via Submission and still AEW International Champion: Jon Moxley

Still to come TBS Women’s Championship open challenge, Grand Slam Semi Finals, we hear from Bryan Danielson and AEW Trios Tag Team Champions.

We see a video about friendship imploding featuring Roderick Strong.


Match 2: Open Challenge Match for a AEW TBS Women’s Championship
Challenger: Robyn Renegade Vs Champion: Kris Statlander

Lockup between the two, baseball dropkick by Statlander to Renegade, suplex by Statlander, Statlander tripped by Charlotte Renegade, Charlotte chokes Statlander on rope behind referees back, clothesline and back elbow to Renegade, running elbow by Statlander, Blue Thunder Bomb but Charlotte comes in and stops it, then Robyn misses running boot, and then Statlander with a rollup with bridge to retain.

Winner and still AEW TBS Women’s Champion: Kris Statlander

After the match Robyn and Charlotte attack Kris Statlander till the music of Jade Cargill hits who returns and attacks both Renegade sisters with chokeslams and then drops Kris Statlander with Jaded.

Backstage: Ruby Soho says Toni Storm cost me the AEW TBS Women’s Championship and then Renee informs Saraya she will defend the AEW Women’s Championship against Fatal 4 Way Eliminator winner at Arthur Ashe Stadium during Dynamite Grand Slam on September 20.

Commercial Break

Backstage we see a interview Tony Schiavone did between Claudio Castignoli and Eddie Kingston about their friendship and Eddie Kingston says he will challenge for ROH World Championship and Eddie says he will put NJPW Strong Championship on the line and Eddie will shake his hand if he wins.

Match 3: Trios Tag Team Match:
Bullet Club Gold – Juice Robinson and The Gunns – Austin and Colten Vs Gravity, Aero Star, Des Dimango.

Dimango and Colten start match, tie up, then DDT by Colten to Dimango, then Juice Robinson is tagged in, punches to Aero Star, Gravity tagged in with a kick from top rope, Behind referees back Triple Team on Gravity. Scoop slam on Gravity, tilt a whirl by Robinson on Gravity.

Aero Star with DDT to Austin Gunn, side suplex on Aero, 3:10 to Yuma on Gravity by The Gunns, DDT by Juice Robinson for the win.

Winners via Pinfall Bullet Club Gold – Juice Robinson and The Gunns – Austin and Colten

We see highlights of Miro’s wife arriving in AEW at AEW All Out.


AEW World Trios Tag Team Champions says this is the start of the Acclaimed World Tour.

Match 4: Singles Match
Rey Fenix w/Alex Abrahantes Vs Angelico w/Serpentico

Fenix sends Angelico to the outside, and then nails a tope suicido dive, then Fenix chops Angelico, Fenix walks the ropes and then Angelico regains control and Fenix is dropped with a side slam backbreaker, spinning kick in the corner, springboard armdrag by Fenix, Splash by Fenix for a two count. Angelico with a role on Fenix for a two count. Fenix with a drop kick, runs the ropes and a DDT to Angelico for a two count. Fenix driver for the win.

Winner via Pinfall Rey Fenix

Backstage Tony Schiavone interviews FTR and they ask who is next to challenge for the belts, and FTR says their will be a open challenge to any new up rising team to challenge us.

Match 5: Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament Semi Final Match
Roderick Strong w/The Kingdom Vs Darby Allin

As Darby Allin heads to the ring we see Luchasaurus attack him backstage, and then Luchasaurus chokeslams him and torture racks Darby Allin and Christian says you can’t win a title, then Luchasaurus lawn darts Darby Allin into shutter.

Few minutes later Darby Allin heads to the ring in pain with Nick Wayne.

Darby in control and then nails a dive through the ropes, Roderick with a backbreaker, then stomps to Darby, chops to Darby in the corner, second backbreaker to Darby by Roderick, double knee gutbuster by Roderick Strong for a two count, Outside Darby sends Strong into the ring post then into the announce table,  Darby goes for attack and Strong sends Darby into ringpost back first, then Strong sends Allin into the ring, Guillotine by Allin in the corner, Crucifix pin by Strong for a two count, STF by Strong on Allin but Darby gets to the rope, chop to Allin, Allin pushes Strong from top to the mat, Darby thrown to the floor from the top turnbuckle after a DDT., Strong brings Darby back in the ring,

Strong with a Boston Crab but Darby gets to the rope, stomps to the back of Darby Allin, chops to Allin, Darby with middle rope coffin drop, then kicks and chops to Strong, Darby runs at Strong in the corner but Roderick with kness to back, on the ring apron, cutter by Allin to Strong then a Coffin Drop on Roderick Strong on the outside, AR Fox comes out, Snap Kick by Strong, then hang reverse drop by Darby Allin on Roderick Strong. On the outside the empire try and get involved but missed, then on the outside AR Fox tries a spin but misses The Kingdom and nails Nick Wayne, Darby missed Coffin Drop and then dropped with knees and DDT for the win to advance.

Winner via Pinfall and advancing Roderick Strong

We see a video featuring Powerhouse Hobbs and The Book of Hobbs.

Backstage Lexy Nair interviews Keith Lee about his future and says on Collision is to go singles to win a championship


We will hear from Bryan Danielson next after his strap match against Ricky Starks at All Out.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and introduces “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. Tony says what is next for the American Dragon, Daniel says I told my daughter when she is 7 I finish my career but she is 6 and time is running out and I will fight for the next year and kick everybody’s head in, if this is my last year, final year but will be most epic of my career, my next match needs to be at WrestleDream and I want to face Zack Sabre Jr the best technical wrestler, Ricky Starks comes out with Big Bill and says he has put everyone on notice, I am the face of Collision after my match on Sunday, I graduated from being hungry to greedy and it is in my nature to do it, Bryan Danielson says I am not done and I approve and as we say in BCC if you want to be with us you bleed with us, then Big Bill attacks Danielson till Starks stops him and then Starks attacks him, then Big Bill and Starks double team till Jon Moxley runs down and helps Danielson but is met with a boot by Big Bill, then Starks chokes out Bryan Danielson.

Commercial break

Backstage Big Bill tells Tony Schiavone says I will beat Jon Moxley on Dynamite to become new AEW International Champion in his hometown in Cincinati Ohio on Wednesday.

We are informed Bryan Danielson Vs Zack Sabre Jr will happen at WrestleDream.

Match 6: Grand Slam Eliminator Tournament Semi Final Match
ROH Television Champion Samoa Joe Vs Penta El Zero Miedo w/Alex Abrahantes

Samoa Joe in control, headbutt, sends Penta to the outside, then into the railings, exchanges in the corner near the post, Joe with a poke to the eye, Alex Abrahantes sets up a table against barrier. Back on the outside Joe sends Penta into the stairs.

Joe with a knee to the back of Penta, then a kick to Penta, Joe puts Pneta on top rope to attempt muscle buster, but Penta escapes, Penta with running kick and then second but Joe with a slam for a two count, Penta with kick in the corner, kick to the back of Joe for a two count, Penta goes for submission broken, Joe with a senton for a two count, headbutt to Penta, Penta with a dive over the top rope to the outside, Penta goes for a dive through the rope, Joe moves out the way and Penta goes through the table. Penta is thrown back in the ring and a two count and Joe can’t believe it, then Joe nails his rare choke with vice to win and advance.

Winner via Submission and advancing Samoa Joe.

Collision ends with Joe celebrating in the ring.


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