Terry Funk funeral notes

Sep 8, 2023 - by Staff

WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk was laid to rest on Friday, September 1 in his hometown of Amarillo, TX. Funk passed away on Wednesday, August 23 at the age of 79.

Funk’s funeral was described as “very much a celebration of life” among the wrestlers in attendance, according to the Wrestling Observer. Among the names at the funeral were Dory Funk Jr., Tommy Dreamer, Ted DiBiase Sr., CM Punk, Chris Hero, Tully Blanchard, Manny Fernandez, Dan Spivey, Joe Malenko, Don Frye, Stan Hansen, Mark Youngblood, and Beyond The Mat producer Barry Blaustein, among others.

Funk was in tremendous pain during the last few months of his life, according to what was said at the funeral. He had been battling dementia and was in an assisted living home for some time, and in recent months he was under hospice care. He passed away at a hospital in the Phoenix area. Funk celebrated his birthday on June 30, and at that point many knew he only had a few months to live, but the family asked them to keep quiet on his health.

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