Matt Hardy talks about the Windham Rotunda funeral service held this week

Sep 8, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

The funeral service for Windham Rotunda, better known to fans as Bray Wyatt, took place this week in Florida after it was rescheduled due to the hurricane.

Speaking on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy described the funeral service as “sad,” “strange,” and “weird,” saying it is hard to understand how a 36-year-old died of a heart attack.

Hardy attended the service with his wife Reby and so did several other AEW talent who met up with the WWE crew for a beautiful send off to their departed colleague.

“One of the weirdest things is that there were several AEW guys that attended the service, but just like almost the whole WWE was there and it was so crazy to see everybody. Like, this gathering and to get everybody in one room and to like, exchange pleasantries with everybody,” Hardy said, adding it was really unfortunate to reunite under those circumstances.

“There was a massive turnout for this which really speaks volumes about Windham’s character and how much he was loved. So yeah, it was nice,” Hardy continued.

Hardy also praised AEW President Tony Khan who sent a jet down to Florida to pick up all the AEW talent to take them to Indianapolis for their Dynamite television tapings on Wednesday.

“Once again, just showing how good hearted of a human being he is. He really made it work out so that everyone that wanted to attend could attend,” he said.

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