Impact Wrestling, Victory Road

Sep 8, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for up to the minute results from Victory Road.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rewholdt are on the call.

Tonight’s Card

Victory Road, 8 p.m. Eastern time

  • Josh Alexander VS Steve Maclin
  • Knockouts World Championship: Trinity VS Alisha Edwards
  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: The Rascalz VS Motor City Machine Guns
  • Deonna Purrazzo VS Jordynne Grace
  • Anything goes match: Bully Ray VS PCO
  • X Division Championship: Lio Rush defends  VS Kushida
  • Digital Media Championship title vs. career match: Kenny King defends VS Tommy Dreamer
  • Knockouts World Tag Team Championship: Killer Kelly & Masha Slamovich VS Gisele Shaw & Savannah Evans
  • Crazzy Steve vs. Black Taurus

Countdown to Victory Road, 7:30 p.m. Eastern time —

  • ABC (Ace Austin  & Chris Bey) VS Moose & Brian Myers
  • Alan Angels open challenge


Match 1.  Alan Angels VS Guido Maritato

Angels grabs the mic and (insults) NY and calls out for anyone to challenge him.  Guido heads out to a round of cheers.  Almost immediately the feed goes out for the match.  The countdown shown on youtube and the stream is clearly down, but after two minutes we are back up.  Guido legdrops Angels from the middle rope.  He gets a two count.  Angels fakes injury, the ref helps him, but Angles levels Guido with the Angels wings and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, Alan Angels

PCO is shown walking threw the parking lot.  Out of nowhere, Bully Ray hits him with a car.  Bully gets out of the car and walks away going you are not going to make it tonight.

Match 2.  ABC (Ace Austin and Chris Bey) VS Moose and Brian Myers

Bey and Moose start off.  Bey uses his speed to fend him off.  Moose tags frustrated.  Myers enters and gets hip tossed and double teamed by Ace and Bey.  Moose tags in and the tide changes.  He slows the match and starts to lay in stiff chops in the corner to Bey.  Myers tags in and chokes Bey with the heal of his boot.  Moose tags back in and goes for a powerbomb, Bey rolls threw and rannas him.  Ace and Myers tag in.  Ace takes out Myers and dropkicks Moose.  He forearms Myers several times in the corner.  He then wizards Myers.  Bey enters as does Moose.  Moose and Myers hit tandem powerbombs.  Bey slips a lariat and rolls up Myers for the win.  That wasn’t a pretty match.

Winners by pinfall, ABC

Rehwoldt and Hannifan finish the countdown running down the card.

Main Card, Live from White Plains, NY

Match 1. X-Division Championship Match, Lio Rush (c) VS Kushida

You can see how much Rush is enjoying messing with Kushida, who wants to get revenge for Rush trying to injure Kushida’s friend, Kevin Knight.  Kushida chases Rush around and locks on the Hoverboard Lock with a rope assist.  He lets go of the hold before the 5 count.  Kushida delivers a cartwheel dropkick.  Rush breaks up an armbar with an eye rake.  Kushida then rings the arm over the ropes and then locks on a triangle threw and around the corner post.  Rush counters with a kick.  He then locks on a rear chin lock and lays in some stiff forearms.  Rush argues with the crowd and punches and kicks Kushida violently.  Rush grabs his belt, but the ref won’t let him use it as a weapon.  He then puts on Kushida’s sunglasses to piss him off.  Kushida quickly rolls up Rush for a two count.  Rush handspring kicks Kushida to the floor.  He dives on Kushida, but he catches him and locks on the hoverboard again.  He throws him back in the ring.  Kushida lands a Spanish fly into a hoverboard.  Rush rolls threw it.  The two trade kicks to the face and go down.  The pace is very fast at this point.  The fight to back to their feet.   This goes back and forth until Kushida hits the ref and Rush crotches Kushida.  After a Final Hour it is over.

Winner and still X-Division Champion, Lio Rush

PCO is shown being looked over by a Dr.  He refuses to go to the hospital.

Match 2.  Knockouts World Tag Team Title Match, MK Ultra, Kelly & Masha Slamovich (c) VS Gisele Shaw & Savanah Evans (with Jai Vidal)

Masha and Shaw start the match.  Masha uses some chain, scientific wrestling to throw Shaw off her game.  Kelly tags in and she delivers a pk.  She then lands a delayed fisherman suplex.  Kelly spills threw the ropes after Vidal interferes.  Evans tags in with punches.  Shaw then enters with a suplex and a backbreaker/flatliner.  Evans then tags in with a butterfly suplex and legdrop.  Masha and comes in and is double teamed by Shaw and Evans.  Kelly makes the save.  Evans mistakenly kicks Shaw.  Masha gets a two count.  Evans recovers and plants Masha for a two count.  She then puts her in the rack.  Masha gets free and snowplows Evans for the win.

Winners by pinfall, and still Champs MK Ultra

Bully Ray jumps PCO with a chair backstage.  He hits him repeatedly and then dumps gas on him.  He tries to light him on fire, but PCO spits gas in Bully’s eyes.

Match 3.  Black Taurus VS Crazzy Steve

Tom Hannifan is still scared and uncomfortable being in the same room with Steve.  Taurus hits a powerslam to start the match.  Steve bails, but high knees Taurus as he comes to the outside.  Steve then tells Hannifan to relax because you will see something beautiful.  Steve then enters the ring and lariats Taurus and then crotches him on the ropes.  After another lariat, he tells Taurus he is going to get his eyes.  Steve then leg sweeps him.  If you don’t know, Steve is legally blind (legit) and now he has gone completely mad and wants his foes to be blind too.  He starts elbowing Taurus in the eye and punching him.  Taurus fights back with fists of his own, but gets spiked on his head by Steve with crucifix driver.  Taurus recovers and delivers a pop up Samoan drop.  Taurus gets to his feet first and punches Steve and headbutts him.  After a discus lariat, he crushes Steve’s back with a backbreaker.  Steve begs for forgiveness.  Taurus pauses for his former friend.  Steve then attacks him from behind.  Steve is left laying and Steve retrieves a fork from under the ring.  Taurus gets fork from him, but not a thumb, which does its damage.  Steve lands a devils kiss and it is over.

Winner, Crazy Steve

Tommy Dreamer is interviewed about his title VS career match with Kenny King.  He says this is the building his career and fandom started in.  He says he will not go down without a fight in front of his family.

Match 4.  Digital Media Title Match, Kenny King (c) VS Tommy Dreamer (if Dreamer loses, he must retire from active competition)

Dreamer comes out paying homage to Terry Funk.  He is wearing gear similar his idol.  His family and friends are at ringside.  King heads out to a chorus of boos.  Sheldon Jean is in his corner.  The face off and talk smack to each other.  After a lock up, they trade arm twists. Dreamer is in his hometown and everything he does brings on loud cheers.  Tommy lariats King to the floor.  He takes a bottle, drinks it and spits in Kings face.  King kicks Dreamer who tries to dive threw the ropes.  Dreamer throws King off the top rope.  The fight goes to the ramp and King suplexes Tommy on it.  King tries to do the Dusty punch, but Tommy blocks it.  King does dive onto Tommy on the apron and they tumble to the floor.  King then punches Tommy repeatedly in front of his children.  Dreamer beats the 10 count back in the ring.  He catches up to King on the top and superplexes him.  The two start slapping each other.  Tommy turns on the Dusty bionic elbow routine.  King delivers a spinebuster for a two count.  King tries for a Shawn Michaels tuning up the band, superkick, but Dreamer cutters him instead.  King lands a top rope blockbuster.   King and Dreamer trade rollups.  Tommy hits a dreamer driver and piledriver.  King kicks out at a long two.  The fans thought it was over.  Dreamer looks at his shirt with Terry on it.  He goes to the top, but Sheldon stops the moonsault.  Jean is ejected.  Heath jumps in and takes out King.  DDT by Dreamer and it is over.

Winner and NEW Digital Media Champion, Tommy Dreamer

Heath and Dreamer shake hands and hug it out in the ring.

Match 5.  Deonna Purrazzo VS Jordynne Grace

This match pits two multi-time Knockouts Champions.  Grace has never beaten Purrazzo.  She is 0-4 in their matches.  Purrazzo heads out first.  Grace is the aggressor to start the match, but Purrazzo drops a knee on Grace as she tried to jump her on the floor.  Deonna uses joint manipulation back in the ring.  Grace fights back with a running back elbow and two slams.  She then uses a driver for a two count.  Grace has injured her arm.  She is clearly favoring it.  Purrazzo starts to work on it and follows up with a suplex and fujiwara.  Grace rolls it threw for a 1 count.  The two end up on the top and Grace hits a delayed superplex and rolls into a jackhammer.  Deonna then kicks out at two.  After a back and forth, Purrazzo hits a version of the tombstone for a two count.  Grace bails, but enters with each clotheslining each other.  We get a series of rollups.  Grace powerbombs Purrazzo.  Purrazzo counters with a piledriver again.  Grace uses a backside piledriver for a two count.  Purrazzo scissors Grace into an armbar.  Grace stands out and backdrops Deonna.  After a driver, Jordynne finally defeats Deonna.

Winner by pinfall, Jordynne Grace

Match 6.  Anything Goes Match.  PCO VS Bully Ray

Bully is shown trying to leave the arena, but PCO gets to him first.  They brawl in the backstage area.  They end up on the ramp.  Bully lariats PCO.  He then throws PCO down the ramp.  Bully grabs a garbage can and tables.  He uses them as weapons.  He piles chairs and other weapons in the ring.  There is also a ladder outside the ring set up.  Bully enters the ring and starts setting up the tables.  Bully punches PCO off the apron.  He lands on some chairs on the floor.  The tables are set up in 3 corners.  Bully sets up a table on the floor next.  PCO gets the garbage can and hits Bully several times.  PCO enters the ring and dives at Bully twice and goes threw two tables immediately, with each miss.   Bully then throws him threw the 3rd table.  Bully then throws PCO threw the ropes to the floor and on top of the 4th table.  PCO sits up and Bully says no way.  He tries to leave, but Santino Marella and security block Bully from leaving.  Bully slaps Santino, who pulls out the cobra.  Santino levels Bully, who falls down the ramp to the waiting PCO.  Back in the ring, PCO is pummeling Bully with the trash can.  PCO looks out to the ladder.  PCO brings it in the ring.  PCO suplexes Bully on the ladder.  PCO then heads to the top.  Bully catches him and hurls PCO on the ladder.  He follows up with an elbow drop, but PCO kicks out.  Bully gets more tables.  He then grabs a cow bell.  Bully goes back to the garbage can, but PCO just punches the can out of his hand.  He then chokeslams Bully threw a table.  He gets a two count.  PCO gets a cheese grater.  He crotches Bully with it.  Bully screams.. MY BALLS.. lol.    D’Animator on a table.  Bully is then sent threw another table in the corner and it is over.

Winner by pinfall, PCO

Impact will celebrate their 1000th episode this Thursday.

Eric Young and Scott D’Amore are backstage talking about being originals in the promotion so long ago.

Match 7.  Impact World Tag Team Championship: Champions, The Rascalz (Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz) VS Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Impact World Champion, Alex Shelley)

Sabin and Miguel start off.  They trade takedowns.  Shelley tags in and the Guns double team Trey.  Wentz tries to join in, but he is punted.  The match spills to the floor and the Rascalz land tandem superkicks.  Their advantage carries on in the ring for a bit, but Wentz gets trapped in the Guns corner.  This allows Sabin to help on the outside and the World Champion does the rest.  He dragon screws Wentz.  Sabin tags in and continues to work the leg.  Shelley tags back in and uses repeated step over toe holds.  He then converts to the figure 4.  Sabin enters and locks the figure 4 on Trey.  Miguel gets free and bails.  Wentz gets to the ropes, but he is hurt.  Shelley is all over it now.  Wentz backspring knees Shelley in the face, but he has to crawl to make the tag.  Trey moonsaults Shelley and punt kicks Sabin.  Wentz comes back in with Trey and they double team the Guns.  Wentz and Sabin exit and Shelley delivers a lariat.  He makes the tag to Sabin.  He dragons Trey.  Sabin then dragons both Rascalz at once.  Sabin then dives to the floor onto both Rascalz.  They double team Trey, but can’t pin him in the ring.  Wentz makes the save with a double stomp on Sabin from the top rope.  Trey grabs the belts.  The ref didn’t see it and Wentz clubs Sabin, but he kicks out at two.  Wentz gets the spray paint.  Shelley stops that.  Trey takes out the field with a dive to the floor.  Trey has the belt again.  Sabin kicks it from his hand and DDT’s him on the belt.  The Good Hands make the save for The Rascalz.  It would have been over there.  Wentz spray Sabin’s eyes with paint and Trey rolls him up for the win.

Winners and still World Tag Team Champions, The Rascalz.

Match 8.  Knockouts World Title Match.  Trinity (c) VS Alisha Edwards (with Eddie Edwards)

Last we saw these three in the ring together, Eddie put Trinity threw a table at a contract signing.  Alisha grabs the mic and makes fun of the NY crowd.  Eddie then takes the mic and introduces his Boston native, wife.  This brings a chorus of Boston sucks chants.

The fans start throwing in glow sticks.  The match has wait for all the sticks to be removed.  Trinity shoulders Alisha into the corner and then continues to drive into her and kicks her in the chin.  Alisha is pissed and she uses an arsenal of kicks and split legdrops to knock Alisha to the floor.  An USEY chant breaks out.  Alisha finally takes control off a hair pull.  She lands a series of chops and a drop toe hold into the bottom buckle.  After a crossbody, she gets a two count.  Alisha locks on a body scissor.  She then kicks Trinity in the back of the head.  Trinity fights back with a lariat and a series of kicks and punches.  After a backstabber, she gets a two count.  Trinity kicks the ref by accident.  Alisha gets rolled up and into star struck.  No Ref.  Eddie then pulls the hold off and plants Trinity.  He then grabs a table.  He sets it up on the floor.  He pulls Trinity out to the floor, just then Frankie Kazarian and Traci Brooks head out to make the save.  Kaz puts Eddie on the table and Trinity dives to the floor from the top onto him.  Alisha is waiting in the ring though and hits her with a kendo stick.  The ref wakes up, but only counts to two.  Trinity sit out powerbombs Alisha and gets the pin.

Winner and still champion, by pinfall… Trinity

New HOF inductees for Impact are Mike Tenay and Don West.

Match 9.  Josh Alexander VS Steve Maclin

Two former world champions are ready to go.  This has a big fight feel and the crowd is totally into this one.  Maclin locks on a side headlock.  He can make this simple move look so painful.  Josh breaks free and applies a front face lock.  This exchange goes back and forth.  Alexander gets backed into the corner, where he and Maclin trade chops.  Maclin lariats him to the floor.  They brawl against the barricade and apron.  Josh brainbusters him on the apron.  Maclin somehow recovers and drives the left injured arm into the post.  He just had surgery on that arm.  Back in the ring, he stays on the arm.  Maclin delivers a backbreaker.  Josh is trying to fight back, but he is already in trouble.  Maclin then knees Josh in the back and chokes him over the 2nd rope.  Josh fights off a double wrist lock and crushes Maclin with 10 German suplexes.  Maclin somehow kicks out at two and then grabs the injured left arm.  Josh gets to the ropes and goes to the floor.  Maclin dives the ropes onto him.  Maclin uses steps on the face and injured arm.  Back in the ring, Josh kicks out at two.  Josh uses his good arm for chops.  He tries to lift himself up on the top, but collapses on his face.  His arm can’t carry his weight.  He is able to deliver a one arm suplex to Maclin.  Josh and Maclin get to their feet and trade forearms.  Josh dumps Maclin threw the ropes.  Josh crossbodies Maclin to the floor.  That was a stiff move.  Maclin blocks a C4 and hits a mayhem for all and floats it to a armbar.  Josh is in pain and clubs Maclin with his right free hand.  Maclin ends up on the top, where Josh delivers a backbreaker.  Josh goes for an ankle lock, but it turns into a slap fest.  The two back up in a bit of admiration towards each other.  Then Josh punches him and locks on a ankle lock.  Maclin rolls out, spilling Josh into the buckle with his momentum.  Josh somehow racks Maclin and twirl bombs him to the mat.  He mounts the ropes, but Maclin catches and crotches him on the top.  This sets up a KIA after a shoulder to Josh in the tree of woe position.  Josh rolls out of the ring.  He goes for a scud dive, but Alexander turns his momentum and Maclin lands hard.  Maclin chop blocks him, but they both beat the 10 count back in the ring. They fight from their knees to their feet.  They are throw haymakers repeatedly.  Maclin wins the exchange and suplexes him.  He goes off the top, but eats Josh’s foot.  Maclin rolls out of a C4 once, but Josh goes for it again and connects.  It is over.

Winner by pinfall, Josh Alexander

In the post show, Josh soaks in the cheers.  He grabs the mic and thanks them for coming and watching on PPV.



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