Impact Report, 9/7/23

Sep 7, 2023 - by Scott Porter

Join us tonight for results from the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.  Coverage will begin at 8:30 pm.  Tom Hannifan and Mathew Rehwoldt are on the call.  The show starts with a recap from last week’s episode.

Match 1.  Deonna Purrazzo VS Dani Luna

Purrazzo will face Jordynne Grace tomorrow at Victory Road, but she has a tough match first tonight.  Luna is the stronger wrestler, and she starts the match slamming and tossing Purrazzo around the ring.  She gets a quick 2 count and then follows up with a series of float over suplexes.  Purrazzo blocks the third.  She uses the apron next and drives Luna’s arm into it from a arm twist.  The two trade forearms back in the ring.  Luna dropkicks Purrazzo.  Dani then gets a two count off a powerbomb.  Purrazzo recovers and gets a 2 count off an exploder.  Purrazzo locks on the fujiwara after a Russian leg sweep and it is over.

Winner by submission, Deonna Purrazzo

We get another sinister Crazzy Steve vignette.  He is targeting his former partner Rosemary.  

Tommy Dreamer cuts a backstage promo on his career on the line match with Kenny King at Victory Road.   Heath comes in and wishes his friend some emotional support.

Match 2. Champaign, Raj Singh and Shera VS Joe Yuya and Joe Hendry (JOYA)

Singh and Yuya start off.  Yuya slams Raj a few times and then tags in Joe.  Hendry sweeps Raj and tags Yuya back in, who lands a running elbow drop.  Singh catches Yuya off the ropes and dumps him on the top rope on his neck.  Singh tags in and slams and drops an elbow of his own.  The crowd is firmly behind JOYA.  Raj tags back in and they double team Yuya.  Yuya fights back with a running lariat.  He tags in Joe.  Joe clears the ring of Singh and Raj with a few suplexes.  Yuya enters to help Joe and the dispose of Shera to the floor and land the one hit wonder for the pin on Raj.

Winners, JOYA

Steve Maclin and Bully Ray are shown talking backstage about Victory Road tomorrow.  They discuss PCO.  Bully wants the former personality, Carl Ouelette, not PCO.  Maclin has a match with Josh Alexander at Victory Road.  Bully seems less than interested to have Maclin’s back, but he expects Steve to be at his.

We get a vignette of Will Osprey who is returning to Impact Wrestling.

Josh Alexander cuts a backstage promo about Victory Road and his tag match tonight.  He teams with PCO against Bully Ray and Maclin.  He says the violence and mayhem is coming.

Match 3.  Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews (Subculture) VS Rich Swann and Sami Callihan

Mark and Swann start off.  They trade arm twists.  Neither team get an advantage.  Andrews delivers 3 arm drags next and Flash tags in.  Sami tags in and delivers a backbreaker.  He then rakes the eyes.  Sami gets double teamed by Subculture.  Back from break, the former champs are all over Rich Swann.  They land a series of double team moves, culminating in a standing moonsault, basement dropkick.  They keep Swann in their corner and start making quick tags in and out with quick offensive bursts.  Swann finally tags out.  Sami comes in with lariats and DDTs.  Subculture delivers a tandem falcon arrow on Sami.  Swann was laid out on the floor prior.  Sami eats a slum dog by Andrews, but avoids a 450 by Flash.  Swann tags back in with a superkick to Flash.  Sami re enters and cactus drivers Flash.  Andrews eats a running cutter by Swann.  450 and it is over.  Swann gets the pin.

Winners by pinfall, Swann and Sami 

Gisele Shaw cuts a promo with her Entourage.  (Savanah Evans and Jai Vidal)

The Rascalz are approached by The Good Hands backstage.  The Hands want a shot at their tag team belts.  The Rascalz tell them to have their backs against the The Motor City Machine Guns and they will have their shot.

Match 4.  Lio Rush, X Division Champion VS Kevin Knight (non title match)

Knight can keep up with the lightning quick Lio Rush.  He catches him with a dropkick after some dazzling moves by Rush.  That was an entertaining early exchange.  Knight controls Rush for a few minutes and tackles Lio with a diving shoulder block.  Rush bails, but Knight goes right out after him.  He lands chops on the outside.  Rush pops back with a heavy right hand.  He goes back in the ring.  He lands a kick to the midsection and more chops.  The champ seems to have had enough.  Knight then counters with a few punches in the corner.  Rush then pokes the eyes and backspring kicks Knight to the floor.  Rush then dives on Knight twice.  He dives threw the ropes like he is shot out of a cannon.  Back from break, Rush delivers a impressive lariat.  His aggression level has turned way up the last few minutes.  Rush locks on a scissor/chin lock from behind.  He switches to a sleeper.  Knight backs him to the corner and rannas him off the top rope.  Knight lands a few lariats of his own and almost gets a three count.  They start landing hey maker moves off the ropes.  Knight misses a crossbody.  Rush delivers a spin kick and final hour.  It is over.

Winner by pinfall, Lio Rush

Rush continues pounding on Knight post match.  Knight is defiant, but when Rush locks on the hoverboard lock, Kushida runs in and makes the save.  Kushida will challenge tomorrow night at Victory Road.

We get another Dango and Bravo vignette.  Dango makes fun of Impact/TNA and then turn to Jake Something.

We get a vignette of Jordynne Grace next.

Santino Marella is setting up a contract signing for the Knockouts Championship.  He calls Alisha Edwards to the ring.  Eddie Edwards comes with her and they are drinking champaign.  Trinity heads out next.  She is the Knockouts Champion.  Alisha starts making fun of Santino’s accent and all the Canadians in the office.  She has a strong Boston accent.  She then turns to Trinity and calls herself the next champion.  She talks down to Trinity and signs the contract.  Santino makes fun of her signature and then hands the pen to Trinity, who signs with nothing to say.  Alisha says you have nothing to say?  Trinity apologizes and says she can’t understand her with her stupid accent.  Trinity then says she is kidding.  She said she overlooked her in the past, but she sees her as a valid opponent.  Alisha then says her man can’t help her, like Eddie can.  Alisha then throws champaign in Trinity’s eyes.  Trinity readies herself and kicks Alisha in the head.  They start brawling.  Eddie is pushed out of the ring by Santino, but he makes the save before Trinity plants Alisha threw the table.  He then throws Trinity threw the table!  Frankie Kazarian runs in to make the save, but the champ is laid out.

Back from break, Mathew Rewholdt and Tom Hannifan apologize for the violence just seen.  They say there is no place for that in Impact.  They then hype the 1000th episode of Impact next week.

The Motor City Machine Guns cut a promo on their opponents at Victory Road.  They will challenge The Rascalz for the belts.

Match 5.  Steve Maclin and Bully Ray VS PCO and Josh Alexander

Maclin and Josh start the match.  Maclin tags out without touching Josh.  PCO then gets tagged in.  Bully then tags out.  Maclin runs in and attacks PCO, but PCO just lariats him to the mat.  He then stomps him and we go to break.  Josh and Maclin are in when we return.  Josh is chopping Maclin repeatedly.  PCO tags in and they double elbow him off the ropes.  PCO turns to Bully and Maclin clubs him from behind.  PCO delivers a forearm and tags Josh back in.  Josh chops Maclin, but eats a back elbow off a whip.  Bully enters with a few stomps to the chest.  Alexander recovers and dropkicks Bully.  Josh fights off Bully until Maclin interferes.  Josh ends up getting dumped on the floor, favoring is surgically repaired left arm.  Maclin stays on the attack after tagging in.  Maclin locks on a rear chin lock and eventually tags in Bully.  Bully delivers a few rights and standing lariats.  Josh reverses a short arm and suplexes Bully, leading to a tag to PCO.  Maclin tags in and they meet mid ring.  PCO is all over Maclin with lariats and a DDT.  Maclin manages to push Josh off the apron, but eats a lung blower and a knee drop off the top, to his neck.  PCO then dives to the floor on Maclin.  PCO then starts to stalk Bully.  Bully starts trying to reason with PCO, calling him Carl.  He reaches out to shake his hand.  PCO tries to choke him.  Maclin makes the save.  Bully crotches PCO from behind and gets the pin.

Winners, PCO and Maclin




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