Notes on CJ Perry, CM Punk, Teddy Long, and Bray Wyatt

Sep 6, 2023 - by Steve Gerweck

– In a recent interview with SportsKeeda Wrestling, Teddy Long shared a story of his earliest recollections of Bray Wyatt (per Wrestling Inc). Long spent time in Florida alongside Wyatt’s father, Mike Rotunda, and met Wyatt as a child.

On the circumstances around Long’s first interactions with Wyatt: “I’d known him since he was a baby. Back in the day, me and Mike Rotunda [Windham’s father] had the chance to ride together. And when we would always go to Florida, Bray would come too. Mike would bring him to the arena because they lived in Florida. And when he came to the arena, they had a Rottweiler dog — a big Rottweiler. Mike would sit Bray right down in his chair, and he would sit that dog right beside Bray, and you couldn’t go nowhere near Bray. That dog didn’t let you nowhere near him, not at all. So I remember Bray from a baby.”

– Sean Ross Sapp recently responded to a fan on X who asked if CM Punk returning to WWEA is a possibility now that he has been released from AEW. It seems pretty unlikely as Sean stated that alot of top people on WWE’s roster are against it.

CJ Perry posted to her Instagram…

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