Chris Jericho talks CM Punk at All In during latest podcast

Sep 6, 2023 - by Colin Vassallo

On this week’s episode of Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho touched on the CM Punk subject, a subject that has dominated the pro wrestling news for the whole week.

Jericho said that he had an interaction with Punk before all hell broke lose when he went over to ask if he was going to use a specific move in his match so if he was, he wouldn’t do it as well.

“He wasn’t, then I told him I was going to do the GTS and with a straight face and I think for a second he thought that I was going to, and I was joking, of course,” Jericho said.

Jericho admitted that there was some chaos at the start of the pay-per-view because they weren’t sure Punk was going out and people were scrambling to see who was ready as a backup to go out first instead.

“I knew that at one point I can’t go on any earlier than I’m supposed to go on because we’ve got the band and the entrance and all that sort of stuff,” Jericho explained. “That definitely kind of threw a monkey wrench into some things. Once again, we’re still getting ready for our match when all this stuff is going down.”

Jericho said that what happened backstage at All In was a “regretful moment” but Tony Khan made his decision to get rid of Punk.

“CM Punk was a big part of AEW for the time he was here, and if you’re going to go out, he went out on top for sure by having this good match with Samoa Joe in a sold-out stadium,” Jericho continued. “Not sold out…but the highest selling ticket seller of all time. So…that’s my thoughts on that.”

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